Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Norwegian Heritage at Christmas

I have Norwegian in both of my parents lines. My maternal grandfather was a first born American from a set of Norwegian parents. And my paternal grandmother was also a first born American from Norwegian folks.

So at the holidays there was a lot of Christmas items baked that were from the old country.

One was lefse, it looks like a flour tortilla but it is made with potatoes. My grandmother would boil potatoes and then rice them and then make the dough, then you roll it out and cook it on a large round hot griddle for a very short time, otherwise it burns. It was a long process but oh so good! My family would eat it rolled up with butter and sugar. I think a lot of people put the lutefisk in it….but that is another story! LOL



Another item only made at Christmas was Sandbakkels. They were a dough that was hand shaped into little metal “cupcake” style tins.


I can remember my Mom sitting in a chair with a bowl of dough and those tins, pressing them as even as you could get them and brushing off the odd ends at the top. They were wonderfully sweet and crunchy! I wish I had taken her tins when she passed.



I am hoping to share a few items every few days, as there was a lot of baking and preparation every December…I really miss those days, so long ago…..

I am hooking up with Cindy at Rick-Rack and Gingham… what are some of your Christmas cookies that are from your childhoods?


Cindy said...

I've got a lot of Norwegian blood in me too. I'll eat a whole plate of lefse and the other sweet treats, but keep the lutefisk please. My parents loved the stuff and I'm very grateful they didn't force us to eat it.

Home and Heart said...

My great grandparents came from Norway, yet we never had these traditional foods. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

They sound yummy, tho I've never heard of either before, Sandy.
Have a beautiful winters eve ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Brenda Pruitt said...

For some reason I can't remember the cookies of my childhood. Blocking on that for some reason. I find it so interesting to learn about the different traditions of various cultures and countries.

ImagiMeri said...

Hey Girlfriend,

My favorite cookies were the ones that were made......LOL I'd eat almost anything, and I've got the waistline to prove it! I can't get over how small your hands just cracks me up to see them anywhere near my huge mitts when we're visiting. Let me know if I can help with your recent situation sweetie.

Love ya'

Unknown said...

Sandy, I have been tremendously enjoying your Christmas posts! I just can't get over the ornament collection you have! What treasures! You KNOW I love your cute as can stacking boxes. I really do need to get out more! Most sweet are your cookie memories shared today. It absolutely melts my heart to picture your mother's same motions year after year. I know you keep these memories close to your heart! I hope you will visit my blog on Friday for a wonderful surprise that has come my way. Have a lovely weekend Sandy! Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I love lefsa~ But without the lutefisk!
I had it from a street vendor in Norway when I was there. I don't remember everything in it, but I do remember that there was corn and cheese and other yummy things.

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Hey Sandy I'm of Norwegian heritage too... Both my paternal grandparents were first American born to Norwegian parents. So I'm "half". Sadly, my tastebuds are not in my Norwegian half since I do not like lefse!

My parents were able to travel to Norway a few years ago and met many of our relatives there. My dad's cousin and his daughter came out to visit us in the US the following summer.

My daughter majored in Scandanavian Studies and Norwegian language at the University of Washington so she is interested in her Scandanavian roots (my husband is half Icelandic).

"God Jul"
PS, fortunately the lack of my Norwegian tastebuds did NOT carry on to my children, they love lefse.

Unknown said...

How neat those look...I think it is wonderful you are carrying on your traditions from childhood. I hope that for my own children. Bllessings and thanks for sharing...Mica

Cindy said...

Sandy we are going to try these.They sound so interesting!!I love learning about other cultures..and the food.
What memories you must have.
Thank you for posting this over at Rick-Rack.

Hugs and lovin..Cindy


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