Saturday, November 6, 2010

Let the Planning Begin !

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday , needed to pick up a few items. Don’t go there very often anymore, and it was fun to see the store getting ready for Christmas. I wanted to take some photos but that is a no-no, I could be from their competition….LOL

I am slowly getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, it is going to be a wonderful quiet day as my husband is off and we are finally going to be just the four of us. ( Make that the five of us with grand puppy Abbey!) So I started buying a few things for the meal and the table…..


I love when I see these as votive and taper holders, we will give it a try….there weren’t many left….


Since I was a little girl there were always mixed nuts to crack at Thanksgiving and so I still follow with this tradition….Smile


Even tho’ my husband has lost 60 pounds and I have lost 31, he did ask if he could have a batch of chocolate chip cookies where he doesn’t have to share them! Smile I said he would have to share with the three of us anyhow! Smile

Oh, and Halloween was 75% off, so I got a few items,


Loretta at "Short and Sweet" used the vampire teeth as place card holders for foods….thought it was cute, I never had a real set of Halloween cookie cutters and these were $1.25, and who can ever have enough orange sugar when it is 50 cents?

I also went down the Christmas aisles and found some very sweet treats!


Are these not the most wonderful swirled red and green pops you have seen????? I don’t eat them, I figure out a way to decorate with them….


Any ideas girls????? At 2.00 I thought they were a bargain!

I enjoyed my little jaunt, hope everyone is having a great Saturday!


Brenda Pruitt said...

Halloween behind us. And Thanksgiving and Christmas just ahead of us. Congratulations on losing the weight!

Cindy said...

Wow on the weight loss girl..You didn't say anything about loosing weight. I am so proud of you!!
Love the big suckers..they are always cute for decorations..then I give them to the grandkids..and send them
You have a great weekend also.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Nan said...

Sandy the mixed nuts. I must do this too. My parents always had this out on the holidays with the nut cracker in the bowl.
That's amazing on the weight loss you too did. Bob and I both lost 12 pounds living the Primal way, which you don't change just keep on like that. Neither one of us have much more than that to loose. I then have to be sure to add more calories in somehow. Nan

NanE said...

LOL, girl, I had to giggle when I read this post! Yes, I bought a bag of those gold and white pumpkins too! I had them out in the front yard with the scarecrow and "someone" made off with them the other night. Don't know if it was a raccoon or a deer but someone got a tasty treat. And yes, I bought a bag of nuts too, which hubby and I have devoured. We always had nuts during the Holidays too. I've seen ideas for those suckers, I'll keep my eyes open!

Elyse said...

it's always fun when you have one of those kinds of shopping days!

happy weekend ... enjoy the extra hour!


Celestial Charms said...

You caught some great deals at Walmart. I love the nut eating tradition too!

vivian said...

I was at walmart today too. I had to buy a couple new bins to store some of my halloweenies away in! you definitely bought more fun stuff then I did!
hugs and happy sunday

Unknown said...

Hi Sandy! I'm so happy you will all be together for your Thanksgiving, cookies and all! I'm sending an e-mail to you about Irmi. I've got the scoop! Have a great week ahead! E

Ann said...

I lost 35 pounds recently so I congratulate you and your husband. Last year I bought some lollipops like yours and just had them sticking out of the stockings. You could stuff the stockings with styrofoam or foamcore, stick in the lollipop, and tie a big bow around the top of the stick. Of course on Christmas Eve you have to remove all that for Santa.

Short and Sweet said...

Sandy, congratulations on your successful weight loss. Keep up the good work.
I recently had my Bunco group over and I served "Blood and Guts Lasagna", "Dem Bones"(slices of garlic bread), "Freaky Fingers" (baby carrots and asparagus with walnut fingertips) "Vampire Eyes" (green olives stuffed with pimentos), "Dragon Toes" (an assortment of small sweet pickles) "Ghoulish Grub" (tossed salad) and "Devilish Dessert" (carrot cake and chocolate cake slices). All the food was marked with fold-over name cards placed in the plastic teeth. All my teeth were white but I like the colors that you bought at Walmart. I foolishly forgot to take pictures!!!!!!!!!

Pam Kessler said...

Well, congratulations on the weight loss!!! My parents always had a bowl of nuts around too. I had forgotten about that. I'll have to pick some up (and a nutcracker and pick too I guess).

Charlotte said...

Love Wal-Mart! Great prices!

★Carol★ said...

I just saw Martha Stewart making candleholders from gourds, and I think it's a fabulous idea! Make sure to share some pictures when you're done!

very merry vintage style said...

Those lollipops are sweet! They look so old-fashioned. Can't wait to see how you use them.


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