Monday, November 1, 2010

Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s here!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hope everyone had a great Halloween, now on to the really stressful time of the year!  LOL


Nan said...

No trick or treaters out here in the areas outside of the city. Autumn is over here and we're into winter with temps dropping into the 20's and the ground freezing. A BIG plus is NO mud for my dogs to get dirty feet on. My pup Kalen is always one step ahead of me however finding ways to get into mud/dirt, he can be very creative you know. Hugs Nan

Jenny said...

Nope, no stress this year! We're just going to enjoy a lovely, simple season.



OK, well, maybe not!

★Carol★ said...

Sandy, your blog is Fall-alicious! Isn't it kind of freaky that Christmas is only 54 days away?!!

Linda Ruthie said...

Oh, yeah. I got out my 'Fly Lady' Holiday planner first thing this morning. It really did help me get things done last year and enjoy the holidays. If you don't know about the Fly Lady, check her out at The holiday planner is free to print out.

vivian said...

I LOVE your new banner! but hasnt it been autumn since about sept 21? your so silly! OK though.. I'll go with ya... "Happy Autumn"!!
and have a great week too.

ImagiMeri said...

Lookin' good......can't wait till you figure out how to do it though!

Love ya'

Shirley said...

Our peak Autumn, is already past here too. Temps are going below freezing at night here now. UGH! I am having Thanksgiving dinner here but plan on a much more relaxed preparation than usual.

Anonymous said...

This time of the year goes so fast. :( Too fast. Sigh... Love your header.


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