Friday, August 20, 2010

Could this be the same woman?????

I am doing this post on both of my blogs as I would appreciate anyone’s feedback on this question….So please tell me what you think. If you have anyone who does do genealogy I would very much appreciate their input too!

The first photo was taken in La Porte City, Iowa, where this family lived. Lura and her husband ended up in Washington, but was originally in La Porte City. I recently hit the mother lode on a big box of Burgess photos! A woman that is one generation younger than me had all kinds of them from her mother( Doris Burgess Kepler) , who had her brother’s ( Arza Burgess son of James Burgess) items as Arza never had children. It was a wealth of info! But most of all there were two photographs I need some help with….I am 99% sure that this photo is my great grandmother Mary Louise Dibble Burgess and her daughter Lura Burgess Woodard and the baby is her daughter Grace Woodard.

Possibly Mary Dibble Burgess and Unknown

Here is a close up of Lura and a for sure photo of Lura years later:

Possibly Mary Dibble Burgess and Unknown - Copyscan0096

Sorry the second one is so poor, it was from a goofy postcard:


I am no expert on dating photo, but I know the postcard is dated like 1907, so the other photo would have had to been around 1887. Grace was born in 1886, so in that year time period. The photographer who took the portrait photo was in business at that time. Lura was the only living daughter of Jesse and Mary Burgess at this time. The other daughter died as an infant. ANY help would be great! Thanks for stopping by!


Laura said...

I'm sure no expert, but they sure look the same. Your facts seem to support this idea. I sure hope you find out! What a treasure trove of photos!

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like it could be! This lady does geneology.. Lori... try her.

Good luck!

Jenn said...

This is my first time writing to you. But I don't think this is the same person for a few reasons. The first being she looks much older than just 14 yrs between the two photos (you said 1887 on the first and 1901 on the postcard, right?). The face on the postcard looks broader across the brow area and the ears (even though its opposite ears and both ears aren't usually identical) look smaller on the first photo compared to the woman's in the postcard, the lobes look longer and fuller. I'm no expert either, like the previous poster said, but that's just what I observed. Too bad we couldn't see the hairline, then you'd really know.

Celestial Charms said...

Oh Sandy, I just love a mystery. Especially surrounding anything vintage! I definitely think both women are the same individual. Athough Jenn, above, makes some very good points, the age difference is more like 20 years 1887-1907. Therefore, as we all sadly know, our ears get larger as we get older. ;) Also, in both photos the mouth area is the same. She has a very distinct smirk. So, in my humble opinion, your Miss Lura is in both photos. I'll be interested to read what others think.
Have a great weekend.

Jenn said...

Oops! Sorry, read that too fast. 1907, yes, that's a bit better. I know the ears get larger, but I don't know, I'm gonna stick with my original idea that this isn't the same woman. Please keep us posted!

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