Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vintage Candy Part 3

One of the candies that all little girls liked when I was young was candy lipstick….it was in a cellophane wrapper with gold paper around it. It was chalky, and messy but tasted so good! I never had the patience to put it on as lipstick, it just vanished when I bought it :)

My friend Cheri and me have looked for this product for years, I was on the internet getting photos for my posts when I saw this:


This is exactly what they looked like! Now, the person who had the website stated that these were different as they are now a taffy substance, but are the same flavor as we all remember… so I am going to see if that is true…..

The poor kids in the generations after us got items like these:

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Hard, gritty Smartie like stuff…. I feel for them, having never had a mess of pink goo painted around their mouth!

How about you….do you remember these?????

Have a great day! :)


Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

I remember those lipstick candies :)

Anonymous said...

I kinda remember some lipstick type candy, but not sure. I do remember big red wax lips...loved them (even 'tho they were paraffin). Also, remember 'hot dogs' long red spicy gum. Sometimes, I see old time candy in certain shops or at Walgreens - they have candy buttons, and sometimes I have to get them. Gosh, I sure miss the dime store I grew up with and the penny candy glass jars. We also roasted marshmallows in the backyard (a real campfire, not a BBQ grill) growing up in Illinois.

Jill said...

I grew up with those smartie-lipstick candies! Didn't know about the other ones, so I didn't know any different. Wow, I haven't seen those candies in years!!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Yes, Yes, I do remember these!! I miss the penny candy too! Have a great weekend Sandy!


Paula Clare said...

Hi Sandy,
First of all, THANK YOU OH THANK YOU for the lovely vintage camper tags and the box-o-goodies you included! The little jar is just amazing!

I do NOT remember the lipstick candies...(not the taffy ones anyway)...where did you grow up as a wee child? Perhaps it was a regional phenomenon?

I must research said items...

Paula Clare

Unknown said...

Hey Sandy! I sure do remember these. I can almost remember the smell. I love all that stuff. I still remember buying a whole bag of candy for a nickle. A lot of 2 for a penny items and the gum and candy was twice as big as now too.

I have been meaning to get back to you. You had visited me and were so sweet not long ago and I left messages on several of your post but they came back undelivered, I don't know how that happened. Not even sure which post now but I saved the comments so I could send them back to you. (I know I'm a nut).

Here goes nothing:
This is so cute. Love your tag. You girls all blow me away with yourcreativity. It makes me smile too. Thanks for sharing, I love looking
at your creations. I never even look at magazines anymore.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Ohh' how I love all your goodies! This year I have just fell in lovewith red because of all you blogland gals. That was never my favorite
but I sure like it now. The little doggie is so cute. I love E's peg doll and doggie too. I have been wanting to get some oil cloth and make
some aprons. That pattern is so pretty and would look adorable with the scalloped edge.
ooxx's....Tracy :)

Hey Sandy. That is a lovely post about Memorial day and your family. Now that I'm older, when I see those pictures or even the one of my own
son, I think those were just little boys out there. It's a horrible job these young men take on but I am so very grateful to them for protectingme and my country.
Thanks for stopping by to see me yesterday.

These little whippersnappers out there now - geez! But what a deal on my sewing cabinet. I do want to paint it but have no idea what color. I'll be sure to post when it's done.

I hope your weekend is fun and safe.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Well that was my old comments, told you they were old. And I could swear I was following you but now I'm not showing up as a follower and your missing from my readers list. Well not anymore I just hit follow.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend. Hugs...Tracy :)

Unknown said...

Sorry that I took up a half a page or more!
T :)

C. Dianne Zweig said...

Such a sweet post...sooooo cute...

Kitsch n Stuff

the dutch purple rabbit said...

yes the lipsticks are so famous here. when you bite too hard it was really hard to get the final piece out of it.
looks so yummy.


Unknown said...

Sandy, You are so sweet to bring us these wonderful memories. Ah the lipstick! What about those awful wax lips? What on earth were candy makers thinking of! I wanted to let you know my check was posted today, and I returned home to find my CD in my mail box. WOW Sandy! The mail is sure fast from Arizona! Have a glorious weekend! Elizabeth

corry said...

Yes, as a child I was crazy about those lipsticks, the sweeter the better. I didn't care about to much sugar or strange E numbers!
Have a lovely weekend sandy!

Cindy said...

Sandy..anything I send you as an email comes back default.

So with that said..Congratulations on the award from Paula!!

I want the cd also..but things are it will have to wait.Sorry. I am supporting you mentaly tho!! What mental there

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


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