Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is Here!

This was a lovely morning here in Arizona, so I took some photos of my garden and such so I could share spring with all of you!

A couple of weeks ago this is what my little garden looked like:


I went ahead and trimed back a lot of the suckers and made sure that the air could get to the middle of my rose bushes….they looked pretty sad after I got done. I forgot to take an after shot!

But here is how the garden looks now:


As you can see, I have to weed again! This space is not easy to work in, it is hard to get in the middle. We are going to revamp this next year into a long narrow space next to the wall.

This is a shot of one of my three bougenvillas….it has grown this year into a wonderful colorful wall, so that we have a little privacy from the small park on the other side.


A closer look:


This plant is a great grower in Arizona….and oddly enough the pink “flowers” are not flowers at all but just new growth! It comes in pink, purple and a beautiful coral, and now they have a yellow color I think.

This is one of my citrus trees, it is an orange tree. It has already given us a crop of oranges, but is loaded with new blossoms again! We will have oranges one more time!


As you can see, it is just full of blossoms! There will be many many oranges when this tree is ready!


The fragrance from these trees is just unreal! It is so heavy in the air right now and I never grow tired of it.

A few color bowls:



This is the time of year that all of us here live in Arizona for… will be hot and horrible in a couple of months, but right now it is a piece of heaven on earth!

Oh, and I made you some cookies, please take a seat enjoy the garden and let’s talk! As you can see they are for “All of my Peeps”….thats you!


And of course, no visit would be complete to my house without these:


Have a wonderful Saturday!!!!!

Thanks for stoppin’ by!


SueLovesCherries said...

Oh, Sandy, such beautiful flowers! Thanks so much for sharing them with us cold weather folks! I can't put anything like that out for another month or so - our official yearly last-frost date is Memorial Day. Right now I have the crocuses, two tete-a-tete daff'; and the forsythia and chinodoxia are just getting ready to burst open!

Have a beautiful and blessed Easter weekend!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Your flowers are so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

Nan said...

Dear Sandy thanks for the tea, peeps and cookies in your beautiful yard. I'm looking at snow and dried grass coming through it. This I will have into the end of May. Spring in Alaska is a very shy girl not wanting to peek her head out anytime soon. I'm always loved those bougenvillias they are just brilliant. I saw them a lot in Baja when we visited years ago.

FranE said...

Your garden is sweet. I am always envious of Arizona bougainvilleas and citrus trees. The area must be filled with a heavenly scent. Happy Easter to you too.

Scrap for Joy said...

Your garden is breath-taking Sandy! The bougenvilla is amazing and I love all of your container plantings. I love that riot of colors! Believe it or not-it's 82-degrees here in Pittsburth today, almost 30-degrees above the average for this time of year. Not complaining here! No sir!
When you wrote about your orange tree my mind could immediately recall the smell of the blossoms..heavenly! My step-mom left on the 31st to go back to Canada until next November.
I wanted to comment on your last post with the Pyrex ware. That last picture made me laugh! My kitchen in my first apartment in the late 60's was avocado and turquoise! Think that would keep you up at night? Yikes!
Enjoy your lovely garden..I sure do wish I could come and have a cookie and some tea with you. (Fortunately for you, I don't care for peeps so you don't need to share them with me-LOL!)

Lemon Lane Studio said...

Your garden looks gorgeous. The bouganvilla's are spectacular in bloom. Enjoy your weekend.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Sandy, your yard is just gorgeous. I have so many weeds that I am working on you can hardly find the garden. lol I hope you and all your family have a Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

D. Jean Quarles said...


★Carol★ said...

Your garden is lovely Sandy! It'll be quite a while before we can enjoy anything like that here. I can't wait for my tulips to bloom, because they get more and more spectacular every year. Your bougenvilla is gorgeous, and I wish they would survive here, because I have always loved them.
Happy Easter!

Teresa said...

I can't even imagine how wonderful it would be to have your very own citrus tree. I would want one of each kind. I have heard the scent of orange blossoms is amazing. And the bougenvilla....absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

I wish we were all a bloom! The Dogwoods have just started opening!! Not Easter without them!
Happy Easter!
Hugs, Lisa

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

happy Easter Sandy!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh So Pretty, Sandy. You've done such a great job with all of your garden area!!!
I got a kick out of the Pyrex post. I'd almost forgotten about all those cute little sets I used to see in all neighborhood kitchens from my childhood. Great trip down memory lane.
Happy Easter, Sandy!
Mary Lou

Simple Home said...

I've said the same thing you have, that spring is wonderful in the desert. I have a feeling you have hotter summers and warmer winters than we do though, as we can't grow orange trees here, too many freezing nights. I grew up by the ocean though, and I remember that fragrance. It's wonderful. I loved all you beautiful photos.
Have a glorious Easter.

Susan said...

Hi Sandy, this is my first desert spring and the color everywhere is amazing. I just purchased two bougenvillas for the backyard which we have completely relandscaped. I love this weather.


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