Sunday, April 11, 2010

521 Lake Street Blog Badge

OK….I finally have this fun little badge done! It isn’t exactly how I wanted it, but I finished it anyhow! Remember my mission word for 2010 is “DO” !

Every piece I make I am finding my “niche”…I just get a little overwhelmed with all of the possibilities and then I can’t make a decision….does anyone else have that problem???

I think it is that perfectionism rearing it’s ugly head again…..


I used stickers for the numbers and name, next time I will use my new Cricut Create! Again, forgot about using it….too many possibilities! LOL


Also, can someone please tell me the easy way to make a crepe paper ruffle with out having to sew it???? I did this with double sided tape, and then once I got it on here, I cut it to fringe it….but is there any easier way???? Looks OK for the first time….

SO…Now I have a BLOG Badge too! :)

This was a lot of fun once I got the “P” monster to shut up!!! LOL

Have a good day! Thanks for stoppin’ by!


Lisa said...

I love it!!!!! Congrats!!
Hugs, Lisa

Hearts Turned said...

You just made me giggle, Sandy! I have the "P" monster in me, too--it can get quite loud sometimes!

I LOVE your badge--looks just perfect to me! I need to get mine done...but I've got the other "P" monster, too...Procrastination! I like the thought you had that too many possibilities makes it hard to get the project done--I really understand that--I feel overwhelmed all the time...the head just spins with possibilities!

I haven't worked with crepe paper much, but planned to use it for my badge, as well...I think your's looks wonderful!

Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sandi Sweetie...
Ooooooh I am clapping for you, oh what a beautiful job you did. I love it. It is so beautiful. Lovin the red crepe paper around, I have no experience with it, but like you said you would think there would be an easier way hu?

I love the touch of the buttons and the numbers and letters, what an element of surprise. Awesome job sweetie. Just awesome.

I am so sorry I will be out of town for you and Meri's craft show, but maybe I can make the next one. I just love coming to see what everyone has to offer. All the pretties you know? I will be there in spirit as I share the Maryland tea with those ladies. Have much success at your showing, and I will be getting with you and Meri when I come back so we can get together for lunch? Shopping? Crafting? Anything would be wonderful.

Love ya sweetie...Sherry

Nan said...

This badge, banner, whatever we are calling them came out great. It's really you and I'm not going to be of help on that crepe paper problem as I have the same one !! Please someone let us know how you work with that paper.

Carey said...

This came out so nice. I have the same problem regarding creative decisions. I would love to make one of these. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lori E said...

I am happy to put your blog badge on my site.
If you are interested in having it coded so others can just put the code in their blog to get the badge then let me know and I will code it for you and you can just copy and paste it into your sidebar html gadget.

GerryART said...

Love your button Sandy.
I've placed one on my sidebar.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I only know how to do it with sewing...sorry! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the badge though...the colors are beautiful! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Susan Freeman said...

I love your badge, it's just adorable!!

Susan and Bentley

Jenny said...

How cute! I can hardly wait to see your stuff in person! woo hoo!

Julia said...

I love your blog! So pretty and creative. The badge is adorable too!

Unknown said...

Sandy, Here is the perfectionist deal that works for me. I most often "hate" something I have made by evenings end. I take the finished piece and set it somewhere not in my craft room to come across next morning. Sure enough I will amaze myself at how much I like something I hated the night before! I promise this will work - just you wait, by tomorrow you will adore your blog badge as much as I do! It is simply wonderful!!!!! E

Mollye said...

Purrrrrrrrrfect just the way it is.

Andy's Attic said...

I love the way the badge came out. It reminds me of your blog which is what it should do!! I've only made one ruffle with crepe paper and I glued mine as I went around and folded as I went. I am not the least bit crafty so keep that in mind (lol)

Anonymous said...

It's perfect, Sandy! ♥ The image, the buttons, the colors- everything! I probably would have made my own by now but the ruffle thing intimidates me! I lean toward frustration over my lack of supplies when making something like this, too. :(

ImagiMeri said...

Good Morning Buddy,

Your badge is wonderful missy.

You must have all your crafts done and ready for the show! I thought of something at the last minute, so I'm adding more stress to the pile like I always do.........that's just one of my many sicknesses.......LOL

See you Saturday!


★Carol★ said...

I think your badge turned out great! You sound just like me though. I made one, but I'm not at all happy with it, haven't showed it on my blog, and might start all over again!

SueLovesCherries said...

Hi kiddo! I like your badge, too! What I do with crepe paper is crease it good and then use tape. I know some people sew them, too, but that's too much effort for me!

My Grama's Soul said...

Sweet badge......Sweet SIL!!



Betty said...

I think your badge is perfectly perfect but I suffer from that P word too. I sew my ruffles but I also scrunch and glue and they look about the same.

Mary said...

I LOVE your ribbon! If I could have made mind as round as your I'd went round. I knew I'd never make it so I went oblong. Your colors reflect your blog wonderfully. I posted a link to you within my post so others can come give it a lookie!

marys little corner of the world


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