Monday, December 28, 2009

What Did you Get for Christmas?

I went to see Carol at Old Glory Cottage and she had a post about what she had gotten for Christmas, so I thought I would follow her!

I received this wonderful book from my friend Linnie, it is the American Girls Doll series. Molly who is from the 1940's era cookbook. It is so fun to look at...and the recipes are great! I have looked thru this book three times now and enjoy it so much!

This is a little hard to see, but I don't want to take it out of the package yet! LOL It is a re purposed box, that has vintage trimmings and a sweet vintage Santa, along with a really cute little red whisk!

My sister in law and brother got me this great little book:

I have always liked this saying....but the thoughts inside are even better! I like this one a lot! Need it to be my New Years Resolution!

Jo also made me this fun eclectic Christmas tree for my new Craft Room, the colors are so fun! This was her first attempt at this and I think she did a great job! Don't you just love Hobby Lobby? :) Please don't look at the kitchen is in the process of exploding! LOL

My two sons Bryan and Chris bought me this great new sewing machine I am going to have to learn to sew this year! (EEEK!) Another 2010 Resolution! I can do this! LOL

I then opened this great little game....problem is I don't have a Nintendo DS....and when I said this, my eldest son Bryan, shouted "Oh shoot Dad, I forgot to wrap it for you last night! " LOL

So guess what I got next????

That's right, this great robin egg blue Nintendo DS!!!!! I want to learn this pony game, it looks like it is right up my alley!

But my favorite Christmas gift was this:

My two sons, Chris ( being Chris LOL ) and Bryan. They spent Christmas Eve at our home, just like when they were was wonderful! Waking up Christmas morning with my boys under the same roof!

Christmas was all about family this year, and trying to stay sane during the process. I think I did better this year than in past ones. I am looking forward to a very Good 2010!

So what treasures did you get this year?????

OH...almost forgot "Santa" bought me this on Ebay hasn't shown up yet! It will be in my kitchen or craft room. Can't decide until I see it! :)


Lori E said...

What a lucky lady you were. Especially having your sons there.
Well along with several nice gifts this year I really received a whole lot of booze. I know?
I mean I like a cocktail or two. I love red wine. But my goodness I got a lot of liquor. Tequila, Grand Marnier, red wine, white wine, champagne. 2010 might not be a very productive year.

Teacup Mosaics said...

It looks like you have been a very good girl this year. Topped off with your sons, sounds like a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year and thanks for visiting.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a wonderful Christmas! So glad your boys were home with you. What fun that must have been for ALL of you! Love the clock and the tree!

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Love your little clock! Hope it shows up soon.

Sure wish my big boys could have been home for Christmas!

I don't know anything about Nintendos these days! My little boy isn't interested in them! Go figure! ♥

★Carol★ said...

Looks like you were a good girl this year, because you got alot of great presents! That tree is fabulous, and that clock is so adorable. I can't wait to see it hanging on the wall! But I can tell that your boys really made it a wonderful Christmas for you!
I wish you lots of happiness in 2010!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit, Sandy! ♥

Brenda Pruitt said...

You made quite a haul! I love that little Christmas tree. I got a fence. An eight-foot fence with almost double wood that can't be seen through. My efforts to blank out the big new bank across the road! That was all I wanted.

Celestial Charms said...

Oh, such lovely gifts. That lovely wrapped vintage Santa box is lovely. All your gifts were beautiful, especially the gift of your boys being there. My daughter has that same pony ds game...she said you will love it. My children's smiles while opening their gifts from Santa...was my Christmas present. I couldn't ask or afford anything more. ;)

Mrs Twins said...

All us Mom's want for Christmas is our children at home with us. How lovely to have them sleep at home over Christmas. What I would give for that? I've been half an empty-nester since February and I'm still getting use to the idea! Miss my Daughter terribly! She did come over Christmas Day to see us, but what I would have given for her to sleep in her own bed.
You have two fine men there! I'm so pleased they came home to you!
Hugs and Love Suex

My Grama's Soul said...

Hey dear SIL - Had a wonderful holiday!!



Paula Clare said...

Hi Sandy!
Your Christmas looks lovely...lucky you! The vintage clock is a treasure. I just love visiting your's so darn cheerful! Hugs and happy new year!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Sandy, it sounds like a wonderful, wonderful Christmas! So glad your boys were there to share it with you.

LOVE that birdhouse!!!!

hugs and Happy New Year,


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