Friday, November 13, 2009

Two Kreativ Blogger Awards! I am so flattered!

I am feeling very special right at this moment! I have been given 2 Creative Blogger Awards from to of my favorite people! First is Carol at the second is Lori at Both Carol and Lori were two of my very first followers and I appreciate them very much! So now, I am suppose to tell you 7 things about me that you don't know and are not easy to admit to , so I am going to give you some insight into Sandy McClay, then I am to pass this award onto 7 more people. That will be easy!

1. People call me and ask me where can I buy ????? And most of the time I can tell them! I have a brain that sucks up useless info like a sponge. LOL
2. I am virtually mouth opens way too quick! But I am not cruel, just want to help maybe a little too much. Along with that I can be too negative, so I am trying to learn ways to stay positive in all aspects of my life.
3. I have an addition to shopping and it is rearing it's ugly head right now....this is a tough one to beat....but I have before and I will again.

4. I am way overweight and I hate it, but I love food too much. Real problem....I need to be lighter for so many health reasons.
5. I have a chronic illness that messes with me at least a couple of days a week and it pisses me off....I use to be a total ball of energy, now that energy lives inside of me. Which can get a little uncomfortable.
6. I am not the best housekeeper, and I don't like to cook. But I am a really good cook when I do. After 35 years, cleaning and cooking have lost their glamour!
7. I hope someday to have a little cottage, I save photos from all of the blogs of the rooms I love. Actually I secretly hope one day to own 521 Lake Street..... and live with all of my lovely things I have gotten along the way. Oh, and my husband too! LOL
My 7 people I want to give this award to are:
Elizabeth @ ( So glad you are back among us! )
Kim and Jennifer @ ( I am going to miss you very much Kim! )
Becky @ (thanks for all of your patience!)
Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

I like your honesty Sandy, how refreshing. I too am a bit overweight, have a chronic illness (a few actually, would you like to take one off my back?), and speak my mind. Especially to those who want to silence me the most. I don't share your shopping habit, I actually detest shopping except for menards/lowes/home depot or groceries. We bought our tiny cottage. She just got a new roof. Next we go for blush and shadow... some inside work. It will take years i'm sure but dang If I didn't buy a home cheap. :)

Hugs and thanks for sharing.

My Grama's Soul said...

Hey sweet SIL - What a great prize for you!!! You have a great blog and I know how much you are enjoying this process.



Lori E said...

See I knew I liked you.
I am also overweight and at only five feet tall it really is bad.
I am also not the best housekeeper. Who cares.

★Carol★ said...

We have alot in common Sandy! Especially #6! I've loved your blog from the moment I discovered it. Glad to get to know you a little better. Now let's both get off the computer and go clean our houses! ;0)

Lallee said...

Sandy, thank you for your recent visit and congratulations for your awards. Your blog has some real cottage charm! Wow can I relate to your #6--kindred spirit there!

FranE said...

I love your blog and life is challenging. It takes a wee bit of the blarney to get through it sometimes. You deserve the award. Great blog.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Just found you tonight and by browsing your site I can see why you won these awards. Great blog and I enjoyed my visit
Looking forward to returning

Unknown said...

Sandy McClay, I think we are the same person! At least by your seven hard to tell facts about yourself! It seems in this community we are just about perfect! So happy to see my own name! I think this will be a lot of fun. I will put my thinking cap on! Elizabeth Oh, by the way! Have a great week! E

Unknown said...

Stopping by to say Good Morning as I visit SSS participants. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your well deserved blog awards how very exciting!

Anonymous said...

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