Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why so expensive?


OK….I have started making cards…yes, actually making them!  I would like to find some dies and stamps for Christmas, as I have so few cards to send I thought I would make them…

I adore this card!


So I thought I would see what the materials cost and I was shocked!

Just to make this one card…


  This stamp is 16.00


This die set is 22.00


This one word is 6.00


And this one stamp is 7.00

Now if you add that up, it comes to $51.00 to make this card!!!!!

Even if I made 100 of these, I still could buy store bought cards much cheaper!  I just wish that because something is popular, it didn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

All images are from the sources for this post:



I would have loved to do this, but I don’t know about you, but I sure can’t pay $51.00 for this set up…:(


I am not saying that these companies are anymore expensive than the rest, but why is it ALL so expensive?  I feel the companies are taking advantage…

OK…off my soap box….


vivian said...

Im right there with you Sandy. And I dont think you counted the cardstock did you?
everything seems to be so expensive these days. I am sick of spending money.
but.. I keep doing it..
and doing it.. and doing it!
nice to see you here btw!
miss ya!


I haven't done a breakdown on the cards that I make...probably a good thing! Maybe you can find them on ebay, cheaper...
I'm taking a break on getting the garage sale stuff reaady.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

You hit the nail on the head Sandy! I'm trying to make cards with things I have and can repurpose. I find good buys on crafting supplies at a couple thrifts, and bought some stamps at an auction for $1 each. The last time I saw a stamp at Michaels I wanted it was $12, absurd!

Sigrun said...

I love the card, too. I'd see myself with a nice sharp pair of scissors, and my calligraphy lettering set, and some real jute cord...

Rebecca said...

Scissors, rick-rack, Christmas stamp set... And a lovey personal note from you !

michelle h said...

I hear you! I always search the internet (Pinterest mostly these days!!) and then I adjust something I love into something I adore and have the supplies for! Like other folks said, i find deals on cardstock and such, then utilize what I already own in order to make the most of my endeavor without going broke!! Many times that means I have found a stamp after holiday (January/ February) for little money and use it in August to make this year's cards. No one knows it was "last year's" stamp. Hehehehe It works like a charm. Good luck--and don't give up on it--half the fun and enjoyment is the journey to acquiring or creating what you need to make your cards special!!

A Little Creation said...

If I see a card I really like but the supplies are outrageous I readapt it with what I have on hand, it's not exact but it works.
I don't like buying stamps because the chances of using it again are slim.
Chris =]

Scrap for Joy said...

Card making is not necessarily a cheap hobby but there are ways around some of the expense. Do you use your Cricut for shapes (I have several cartridges with mittens on them) Because I don't have access to independent scrapbook stores, I shop on line a lot and I wait for the different companies to have sales and/or free shipping. I think the best cardstock is available at Michael's, in a package, for $12.99 for, I think, 100 sheets. Seems expensive but with a 40-50% coupon, that makes it a great deal. It is very heavy weight, making it perfect for card bases and excellent for stamping. OK, that's my 2 cents. You should hop over to A Swap For All Seasons and sign up for the September swap...it is a super fun group (Deb and Pam are in it) I really think you'd enjoy it Sandy...but you must hurry and sign up right away.
Hope you are well. We are up to our eyeballs in packing for our move...my craft room will be the last thing packed up-lol!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi Sandy,
I know, supplies are sooooo expensive - so frustrating because we love our crafty supplies!!
I had a thought re the stamp with the text - I generally use a free font found on the internet for my text. Have you tried that?
I've also used free templates found online for shapes and also copyright free vintage postcard images found online. I know cutting your own out is no fun ... but it won't hurt the budget.
Hope you'll share your holiday cards with us.

ImagiMeri said...

Did ya check on your silhouette? If not, you can make the image into an svg file for your machine.


janice15 said...

wow, my daugher just a couple days ago said Mama what happen to the make something and save money? she make some home made frenchbread she said to buy everthing cost to much and can just go to Safeway and buy a darn loaf for 2.00 dollars.. You can't save on things no more.. I crochet and at Beverly's yarn is up to almost 5.00 thread is same 4.00 30 dollars for 6 things of yarn.. just silly.. to make a blanket I will probably spend way over a hundred for just a throw.. to much w/love janice


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