Friday, June 6, 2014

Color, Color Everywhere….


I live in the desert.  You all know that….everything alive seems to be brown…no color to the birds, bunnies, whatever!

So when I got to Wisconsin and my cousin Linda took these photos so I could keep the color, I was so thankful! 

A lot of you in the Midwest and East know these birds…I don’t have any of them where I live….

Baltimore Orioles…female first then the beautiful male!

2014-05-19 15.49.48


2014-05-19 17.14.03

all kinds of them!

2014-05-19 17.37.16

And the most beautiful blue birds….

Indigo Buntings!

2014-05-22 Indigo Bunting in Mike's & Linda's backyard (2)

2014-05-22 Indigo Bunting in Mike's & Linda's backyard (3)

2014-05-22 Indigo Bunting in Mike's & Linda's backyard (4)

These photos have NOT been retouched!  These birds are just awesome!

They also have a lot of these finches….we didn’t get any photos, but this is exactly what they look like….



Also, lots and lots of FAT Robins….

American Robin copy

                                     ( Google)

So much color and different species than I get to see here in my part of Arizona. 

What kind of birds visit you and your place this time of year?


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Such beautiful photos! I love watching the birds, we get all those kinds and one of my favorites has to be the cardinal, which is our state bird (Indiana) :) Enjoy your lovely pics! Have a wonderful weekend!! xo Holly

Musings from Kim K. said...

Our cats love watching our birds. Glad you had a wonderful trip and were able to enjoy some beautiful color and sweet friends!

Patti said...

Oh what beautiful photos! We have bluejays here in the mountains above the desert. And lots of hummingbirds below, but to see a robin, or a fully yellow bird would be wonderful!

Art and Sand said...

What gorgeous colors on those birds.

We have a sweet chorus daily in our trees, but none of the birds is colorful.

vivian said...

arent birds wonderful? we have lots of robins, humming birds, chickadees, jays, sparrows, starlings. thos are what I see most of.. there are also gold finches, cardinals. bluebirds,
I LOVE them all and love the sounds of them singing and chirping in the early mornings!
have a great weekend Sandy!

Jane said...

Such beautiful birds! We have mostly Cardinals year round - especially pretty in the wintertime. We see the Indigo and Painted Buntings during their migration - and always wish they'd stay! Then there are lots of others - owls, wrens, doves, etc. Our cats love birdwatching!

vintage grey said...

Such beautiful birds!! They are so sweet to watch and listen to! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

Minnie said...

Here in Maine we get chickadees, cardinals, robins, woodpeckers, blue jays, etc. etc. The chickadees are my favorite! They are such beautiful little birds.

SueLovesCherries said...

I'm jealous of the Indigo Buntings - we don't have them here in MA, but about 20 years ago there was one in my yard just "passing through"!


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