Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My after Easter haul at Michaels!


OK…I know I don’t need a thing but all of my Michaels had Easter at 70% off!  I got lots of goodies for next year for a fraction of the cost!

I ended up going to three different Michaels all in one day with my friend Cheri….





I love these British card magazines!  They had them in a wrong spot with a price of 5.99 in front of them, they rang up at 12.99…I said “that isn’t what the tag said” and the clerk said “you’re right….so I got them for 5.99 each!  They come with a little gift, these two had winter rubber stamps and some Graphic 45 ephemera…


I took a couple photos of Easter around my house before I take it down…I will leave the “Spring” items up for a while….


Easter Day….




This is actually a dog toy from Pet’s Mart…:)


I got this sweet very vintage chick from Deb at A Garage Sale Gal…I am going to be staying at her home for a couple of days the middle of May…can’t wait!


I got these wonderful vintage baby planters from my friend Lynn, she is so sweet!

We worked the last week on the back yard, I will do a more complete post, but thought I would share a few photos now….


The Big patio…


The smaller attached patio…they are right next to each other.  This little one was a room when we bought the house, but it was done really poorly and had black mold…so it is now a patio…

Bailey is now 15 pounds and very hairy!


Sorry it is a little out of focus…


She is getting better all of the time, but she still thinks biting is affection, it has been a real issue….we have bought a correction collar to help “remind” her that the biting isn’t OK…and to come when she is called….but I wouldn’t trade her for anyone….other than my Maya…:)

Thanks for stopping in….


Patti said...

Lucky you! 70% off is awesome! And friend time, too! Your patios look so inviting. It was windy all day up here in the mountains. Hubs went down the hill to buy new tires for his tractor, and I painted some furniture.

vivian said...

I love the 70 % off sales too. but I havent been to michaels in weeks.
fun to see your pictures. I wish I had a patio or a deck out back.. oh well..! always wishing for something! lol!
In any case, have a great day my friend!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Love your painted mason jars on your Easter table. Good for you on the 70% scores! How fun that you will be visiting Deb next month. I can't wait until it's actually warm enough to enjoy our tiny deck. Keep the pictures coming. Us northern folks are envious of sunshine and warm temps!

ThrifterSisters said...

I love your painted Mason jars! I have been wanting to try that for a long time. Yours look great & perfect for Spring :-)


Unknown said...

What a haul!!! It's always good to be prepared for next year's holidays! Your Easter decorations are lovely and so is your patio! Everything looks terrific!!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Have to start with Bailey, so adorable and she has really grown! Wow~you hauled Sandy! Should have made a trip to Michael's but didn't. It takes me over an hour to get to mine, lucky you have 3 to go to!

Such cute spring and Easter decorations, love the sweet little vases. Lucky you & deb, how fun for a visit!


Your patios are so inviting! I would so be enjoying them. Still cold here :( I'm hoping for the perfect weather when you come !!!:)
Nice buys at Michael's and the magazine were a deal! Aww..Bailey looks so sweet. She looks like she has some "scotty dog" in her! Cute painted jars and Easter decor.
see you soon!!
deb :)

LBP said...

Wow you really did score at Michaels! I may have to head out there at lunch today! I love your patio, it looks so inviting! Bailey is so cute, hopefully she will grow out of her biting!



Rosie said...

Nice scores! You have a friend that will HAPPILY go with you to all three Michaels in one day??? Wow! I need a friend like that! ;)

Lynn said...

amazing deals ! Have a great week

Scrap for Joy said...

There is only one thing better than 70% off sales...going with a friend! I'm sure you two cleaned them out...hahaha! I went to Michael's yesterday and didn't see those sales (did you sneak to Pittsburgh?) but I did buy that Kinetic Sand for my grandsons that they have been advertising.
I'm trying to pare down...it's really hard!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What a great load of goodies you got for 70% off!! :) Your table is so cute and colorful! Love your pretty porch too, it looks so welcoming! Love those vintage planters, they are always so cute to have!! Bailey is so sweet! xo Holly

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Hello! I havent been around Bloville for awhile! Your blog looks great! 70% off and you got to have fun with a friend! Sounds fun to me. I like to stock up on things when I can too!
I think you puppy is a cutie! How old is she? I bet she still learn ♥ .
Love your patios! Boy they look so cozy! It has been adding here. Love potch sotting weather!
Enjoy yours!


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