Saturday, January 18, 2014

Those were the days…..


I saw this one Ebay, it is in rough shape, but OMG, what a trip down a vintage lane!

You know how we always see these photos on Pinterest?


and we wonder what they cost originally?  Well, here you go…some ideas….BIG bucks back then! Click on the photo for zooming in.

1930 Sears and Roebucks Catalog

Love the green and cream!

A few more pages, you could buy ANYTHING from this catalog and it was free postage and freight!

$_57 (1)

$_57 (2)


$_57 (3)


Look at the candy for sale on the right hand page…

$_57 (4)


REAL English Blue Willow!  Look at those prices, of course everything is relative, right? 

On another note…

Bailey  late Dec 2013

Bailey is growing fast, I took this photo just about 10 days ago!  She is a little stinker, now weighs a “hefty” 9.6 pounds, and has finally gotten potty trained to a green grass pad system in the house, we will move it out to the patio as soon as I can let her out without her taking off!  lol

She has such a cute personality and is so much fun….I now realize when I asked Maya to send me somebody to love, she would send me a dog to help me.  We take walks every day, there used to be days I wouldn’t leave the house….I mean look at that face!  How could you not love her????

It is warm and sunny down here in Arizona….



…anyone want to come visit????  We are suppose to hit 74 degrees today! :) 

Have a great week next week, I HAVE to get busy on my V-Day swap items…too many choices! :)


Also…for my V-Day swap, after we all get our packages and have taken photos, let’s show them off on Valentines Day on our blogs…OK????




Musings from Kim K. said...

Bailey is such a pretty little puppy. I'm glad potty training is behind you. Enjoy your warm sunny temps. The girls and I just came back inside from ice skating it's 15 degrees out. Valentine hugs!

Anonymous said...

Free shipping and freight! I so miss my wood cook stove in Virginia but my back sure doesn't!

It's been getting up to 50 here! Rare for an Idaho winter!

Give Baily a scratch for me!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

ack! It's in the 80's here and wildfires. This is the only time of year we get measurable rain and we're not getting any, I'm so afraid of what the rest of the year will bring. :(

Bailey is the cutest adorablest little package of love. Give her a tummy rub for me.

Our Gracie is so sad since we lost our George in October, he was her companion her entire life. She sticks to me like glue now, I guess I've become his stand-in.

Thank you for mentioning showing off our valentine swaps - it's sad when your partner doesn't do that, share what you gave her - I was really sad when mine didn't on a swap. boo hoo sniffle sniffle

Happy Sunday!

Debbie said...

Bailey is adorable...give her some lovin' from me. I'd love to come visit...we're headed back into the deep freeze here in your old home town of Parma, OH. It's only 22 right now & will get worse as the week progresses...they're saying this will be a prolonged period of cold. Anyone with extra heat can send it my way...please!

Posting our swaps on Valentine's Day sounds like a great plan...I'm having fun with this one for sure.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Oh!!! Look at that sweet face! *sigh*

Unknown said...

That stove is wonderful, I would love a white vintage stove in my kitchen...that and a white farm sink...drooling.
Hugs, Lynnie

LBP said...

My grandparents have that identical cream and green stove in their kitchen. After grandpa died and grandma moved to live closer to us the Amish bought her house and their religion says they can't have green and cream stoves, so they took it out. No one knows what happened to it and they have moved on. I would love to find it!


I just want to give Bailey lots of kisses! Will you bring here to my house in May?! LOL!!
I hope you give a reminder to show our Valentine swap on Valentines day!
I'm hoping to work on it tomorrow!

vintage grey said...

Oh, how fun it would be to have those in my kitchen! Miss Bailey is so darn cute! We have had pretty warm days in the low 80's. I would like it to get a little cooler while it's winter. Have a great week! xo Heather

Perfectly Printed said...

Your pup is darling!! Don't you love their little personalities???? I the stoves are the best... I found one in an empty lot around the block from our house.... It cost me a six pack of bud to have the college boys next door move to our weighs a ton!! I don't have a place for it in this house so I use it for a potting bench. Valentines on the calendar this week too!

NanE said...

Drooling over that stove, I love the cream & green one too. That little Bailey has the cutest darn face! Have a great week, Nan

Lynn said...

Bailey is just too cute! We are in the high 50s here today but suppose to have lows in the teens the next few days and highs in the low 30s! Bella will keep her jammies on LOL she is soo cute and loves to wear her doggie jammies! Sarge will wear his but Cocoa always takes her jammies off!! Have a great week!

Fran said...

I soooo want one of those green and cream stoves! Thank you for sharing. Bailey has such a sweet, expressive, adorable puppy face. I could stare at her all day! :)

Unknown said...

That stove is wonderful, I would love a white vintage stove in my kitchen.I would like it to get a little cooler while it's winter.
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PixieVintage said...

Oh wow, what I would give to have one of those beauties in my kitchen! Bailey is such a cutie!!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Bailey is so sweet. Having him potty trained is a nice relief. Love that vintage stove!

vivian said...

oh my goodness! your puppy is sooo cute! I would love a puppy someday. but not til I dont have to go to work anymore... (like that day will ever come! LOL)
74 and sunny... ohhhhh lucky you! its about 3 degrees with snow covered roads and windchills expected to below 20 over the next few days. Brutal. Oh well.. such is life in NY! Im trying to get a little caught up on blog reading.. I feel so far behind. Have a great day my friend.. enjoy that weather.

Unknown said...

Can you imagine how long it took to get to you? I remember my mom buying our summer clothes form Sears (this was the seventies) and I swear it two months. Its such a fast and convenient world now (I don't know if thats good or bad). Bailey is *adorable* what sweet eyes!

Holly said...

Bailey is the cutest ever!! I love that picture. Today the high was 65 in NC but tomorrow down in 20s for high with winter storm warning. Yeah for snow! We only had a dusting at the beginning of November. Showing our Valentine's goodies on Valentine's Day is an awesome idea!! As Sally said, it is sad when your partner doesn't share, it has only happened to me once- a long time ago-therapy helped :) Have a wonderful night, Holly

Lisa said...

Sandy, the green and cream stove what catalog did you find the pictures of the stoves in? I have the salesman stove that was given to my grandma. I would love to have a copy of that page in the catalog. Thanks!


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