Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Week….


Two of my dearest friends lost their only daughters….


Molly Jo Pearce, 24, of Longmont passed away June 4, 2013 at Nebraska Medical Center Omaha, NE. She was born November 17, 1988 in Mesa, AZ to Robert and Melisa Beth (Rice) Pearce. The first of thirty seven surgeries started when she was thirty six hours old, born with an extremely rare and difficult disease. Molly attended Friends School in Boulder, Dawson Academy, Front Range Community College and Santa Monica College in California. Molly married Corey Eaker on June 1, 2013. She moved to Longmont in 1997 from Arizona. She was a student and Vet Tech at VCA in Brentwood, California. Molly had two transplants as a teenager at Nebraska Medical Center that she rejected in 2012; she was waiting for four organs and spent two hundred and twenty eight days in Nebraska Medical Center until her death. Molly was a member of the Unity Church; she had a true love of dogs, horses and the importance of health. She was member of Donate Life.Net. Molly is survived by her husband Corey, her father Robert Pearce, her mother Melisa Pearce and husband Dane Cheek, brothers Cody Waite and wife Kathy and Kevin Cheek. Memorial service will be 2 PM Saturday June 8, 2013 at First Evangelical Lutheran Church 803 3rd Ave Longmont, CO 80501. Cremation was in Nebraska. Contributions can be made to Donate Life.Net.

My son Chris and Molly at a birthday party for Chris when he was little…

Chris and Molly Pearce (1)

Molly and Corey in better times, he took her to Paris….




They were married on Saturday and she died early Tuesday morning.....yes, she was that yellow, her liver was dying. PLEASE if you do not have the box checked on your drivers license for organ donation, understand now why it is so important!



Another sweet daughter has passed away with no warning this week....this is my dearest friend Sandy Magness's beautiful daughter Lindsay. When we lived in Carson City in the early 80's....Lindsay and my son Bryan were buddies, basically grew up together for those few precious years we lived there. Lindsay went in for surgery this last week, was sent home the same day. She went to take a nap and never woke heart is so broken I can hardly breathe.. she was 33 years old. We will never ever forget you Lindsay Lou! — with Lindsay Magness.

When I knew her....


Lindsay and Sandy abt 1983 smaller


Right before she died….



She had a OUTPATIENT ( thank you insurance company) gallbladder surgery went home the same day, Lindsay  took a nap and never woke up.  Lindsay had MS, don’t you think that would make her a high enough risk patient for an overnight stay?  My Bryan and her were buddies. I know that her Mom just wants to die....her Dad is so devastated he can't think straight....they have an older son that is having twins in 2-3 months…  twin boys....his folks will never be the grandparents they would have been  a week ago....

As right as it was for Molly to leave this earth it was wrong for Lindsay to…..I am struggling with this but trying to find a way to peace, as I know there are long, sad, lonely days ahead for both sets of parents, and I want to be there for them in any way I can.


I am really ready for a better week.


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