Thursday, April 18, 2013

Getting caught up…..


Well…today is an absolutely beautiful day in Arizona!  Maya and me took a break out in the backyard in the sun…..

I wanted to share the items that Miss Tammy brought down with her from the frozen tundra…..


Look how perfect these go in my kitchen!  That sweet little pyrex bowl is the “friendship” patter I think…love it!


And I finally have one of Tammy’s wonderful paper cutting banners!!!!  She left it up to me what to use to hang it, but she had sent me a vintage measuring tape, her favorite mode of hanging them….I will probably use it.



It’s that layering that I just don’t seem to get….so unique….






It spells out “HOME”…perfect!  We had such a  nice time, I wish I had felt better…but Tammy and Mr. “N” are wonderful people!!!!  Wayne had a great time with Mr. “N” while we checked out the family tree…:)

I also am participating in Elizabeth’s  Vintage Supply Swap ….

I was SOOO lucky to be paired with Beth Holcombe….she went crazy!!!!  It was a large flat rate priority box and it was filled to the top….

PicMonkey Collage

Boxes and bags and vintage ephemera coming out of my ears…lol  I am like a kid in a candy store! 

PicMonkey Collage2





what is in this one, I wonder?????


See what I mean, it just kept coming….:):)


Sorry these photo are not so good…still learning pic-monkey…but you get the idea, right?  LOTS of fun stuff!  I just hope I can do Beth justice with her box…. :)

And Miss Meri gave me the most beautiful crocheted pot holder for Easter,  from Heather from Vintage Grey…

meri pot holder

Aqua and Red !   Just perfect, all of it!  Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!

Update on Maya:

She has reinjured the leg, she is on 95% rest 5% usage….so I am house bound, we go back next Friday to see what the prognosis is….she just got up too quick and that is all it took….this is a tough time, maybe we did the wrong thing for her….we will find out next Friday….keep us in your prayers please…I am not ready to say Good-bye yet…but we will if that is the best thing for our Maya…..


Anonymous said...

Snoopy models happiness so well!

Love all your goodies. Your potholder colors are so great!

Praying for you and Maya. ♥

Unknown said...

Oh Sandy, EGads this was a special day! Tammy's paper art is so wonderful and so you! And lucky you and your swap partner. That Beth is fantastic to have shared her special stash.
Sandy, You would just love my TSG's kitchen shelves as I have filled them with every piece of the Pyrex pattern. A blogging reader even sent me matching glasses to match to give to her. I sooooo covet my own daughter's Pyrex!!!!
Thank you again Sandy for your e-mail! E

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed hearing from you and Tammy about your visit, I am finishing my Box for the swap. It takes me forever and now I have so much! I know she said shoe box - but she didn't say you couldn't use a box for BIG shoes ;)Thanks for sharing your goodies!

Lynn said...

Wow, tons and tons of amazing goodies!
Sending lots of prayers up for Maya! I hope whe will be ok!!! I know to well the heartache of losing our beloved furbabies! I tell you, I can still cry buckets when thinking about our sweet, sweet Pebbles being gone!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm sorry to read about Maya's setback. Thinking of you.

Tammy's so talented and her paper art is one of a kind! What a fantastic stash from your swap partner. So many lovely goodies just waiting to be crafted with.

harriette said...

That box of goodies..oh my! The banner..Love! Thinking about you and keeping you all in my prayers. Hugs to you and Maya. xx

vivian said...

oh gosh Sandy.. I hope Maya gets better. I will send up a prayer for her. I better mail out my partners package. I have it pretty much together.. just need to tuck a couple more things in mine.
I hope your weekend goes well...
big hugs to you and your puppy.

Tammy's in Love said...

Mr Wonderful had fun on our gadding about and I think he wishes he was a blogger! It is the Friendship pattern of Pyrex, lucky me to call you my FRIEND!

Jill said...

Everything in these pictures is beautiful!!

It sure would be nice to have access to all that vintage goodness, your partner sure was generous!!

Jenny's Heart said...

I am still bummed I missed out on the vintage swap, your goodies are amazing!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh my goodness what special things from Tammy and your swap partner!! How exciting!! And that pot holder is the sweetest! :) Love the colors too! Have a great weekend! xo Holly

vintage grey said...

Such sweetness from Tammy and your swap! And, so glad you liked the pot holder!! ;) Keeping you and sweet Maya in my prayers! Hugs, xo Heather

Unknown said...

I do hope that Maya is ok and will be as good as new very soon.
Whow, what a box of stash, love it.
Thanks for sharing.

Nan said...

I hope Maya improves poor thing. I adore that potholder colors!
All that paper art there is so sweet. Take care my friend. Hey it's sunny today we've had lots of sun here and snow yesterday just to remind us we're not done with winter yet. NO green yet not until late May and June.

Shirley Hatfield said...

Lucky you...Tammy makes the best banners. I have a hard time with the layering. Miss Elizabeth has been teaching some rules that she follows, but I tend to stick to being symetrical...and you know works for me. Different styles please different people I! I hope your dear dog will get better soon. My heart aches for the sweet animals in our lives...I hate it when they are sick or injured. Best blessings for you and Maya.


I see that I almost missed this post...I'm thinking short term memory loss! LOL!
WOW, you have lots of great goodies from Tammy and the swap!COOL! Too cute potholder!
Poor Maya and you :(
Thank you for the Birthday wishes!

Lady Linda said...

WOW...what a fun box of goodies. You really did hit the jackpot.
Jennifer sent mine from Canada, but I am waiting until she receives her's from me. It's killing me to wait.

Anonymous said...

I love everything! I have one of the bowls you showed, and it is just so cheery and friendly! You will have such fun making great things with the vintage treasures you received. I just don't have much vintage - maybe because of the area I live in - but, its sooooo cute! Oh the pot holder by Heather!!!!

Fran said...

Wow! So many goodies! Sending prayers for Maya. :) --Fran


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