Friday, February 15, 2013

Last Valentine Post for 2013


I promise… last Valentine post….

I just wanted to share what my hubby got me for Valentines Day…



Sorry for the messy photo, but these roses and lilies are beautiful!!!  Candy, flowers, Red Velvet cupcakes, with these on the tops:


This was on Wednesday, then yesterday I came home form a Birthday jaunt with Meri to this:


It looked better before I opened it!  I was so tired I couldn’t figure out the carrots…then Wayne said “How many carrots”?  And I said two, and then it dawned on me…


Yes….beautiful 2 carats earrings!!!!!!  I have to get my ears pierced as I haven’t worn any earrings for years, and they grew in. I cannot wait to wear them!  Thank you Honey!!!!

Meri came to get me with this wrapped around a beautiful white and pink rose….


This photo really doesn’t do this sweet towel justice….she hand sewed all of around the bunnies and heart, she has the holes in her fingers to prove it!  Take a closer look…



The ruffles are vintage fabrics….this is never being used!  Just for show…   Thank you Meri!!!!!!  I also got a wonderful Paper Kit when we went to Scrapbooks Etc……




How perfect!!!!!


And last but not least two more wonderful hand crafted Valentines!


Patti from Paintin’ Patti on the left, and Chris from Perfectly Printed on the right….thank you ladies…next year I have more cards to make!!!

Here is the back of Chris’s card…


OK….I am now officially putting all the red stuff away! 

Let’s get ready fro Spring!!!!!!!!!!!




WOW...nothing like diamonds!!! Very nice!
Love the handmade towel that Meri made! Bunnys make me happy!
Have a lovely weekend!

Marissa said...

Wowee!!! Your husband needs to come over here and give a few tips to mine LOL.. love that handmade towel too... LUCKY YOU!! I say keep him!

Unknown said...

Oh lucky lady!!! Diamonds ARE a girls best friend!! And such a fun way to wrap the gift!!! The towel is too sweet! Love the ruffle!!


Scrap for Joy said...

Wow-you must feel totally pampered! Did he find the gum ball machine? Meri is so the cute towel. Loving the cute Carta Bella set....oh how I'd love to able to go to Scrapbooks, Etc!! I am looking forward to your swap-I'm just looking for some "normalcy" right now.

ThrifterSisters said...

Whoa, diamonds? You lucky lady! Definitely worth the pain of going through ear piercing again if you ask me:-)


Unknown said...

That towel is just too cute!

A Little Creation said...

If this is what your husband does for Valentines you must get overwhelmed at Christmas. Lucky girl!!

Laura said...

What a sweet hubby!!!Everything is Beautiful! Tricky with those carrots! That towel that Meri got you is so cute :)

RetroSandie said...

What wonderful Valentine surprises! And wear that "ice" in good health!! LOL Love Meri's towel-just adorable! I wish I had a cute Scrappie store around, but don't think there is one, just Michael's and Jo Ann's.

busymartha said...

My husband could use some tips also! I hate to put the valentines away, I was having so much fun! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day, Marilyn.

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Sandy,
What a sweet Valentine's Day you celebrated. I'd say your hubby is a "keeper"...such perfectly thoughtful gifts!
It's fun getting to see the pretties you have been blessed with by some of your blogging buddies. What delightful tokens of fine friendship.
I'm getting so excited about the Swap. Today, I started working on the beginnings of it...Can't wait to see who my swap partner is...:)
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well now- aren't you a spoiled/lucky girl!? My favorite thing is the towel from Meri! CUTE!

I bet you can get those piercings open yourself. I went 10 years without and got mine to open just by poking and wigging a post through them- no pain- just old skin cells.

Unknown said...

Wow, I would say this has been a VERY GOOD valentines day for happy for you! As for piercing your ear...when I was a teenager we got an ice cube & applied it to the earlobe, put a potato behind the ear, poked a hole in the ear with a needle that had been held in a flame to "sterilize" it....or you could be boring & go to a jewelry store & let them do it! I won't double dog dare you! LOL! Have a great weekend!

vintage grey said...

Such beautiful gifts!! Love Meri's tea towel!! So adorable! I am ready for spring, too! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi! Oh, how blessed you were for Valentine's Day! The flowers and those earrings! They are gorgeous! Lucky lucky you! Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Diane Mars said...

eeekk I love that towel and the earrings i think Wayne spoiled you! Happy Sunday! Hugs, Diane

The Custards said...

What lovely gifts you have there - all that and diamonds too
Best wishes

Unknown said...

I am loving that dish towel :)

Sandy xo


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