Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fun Mail from my buddy Deb!


I got a huge package yesterday….’


2015-01-26 15.47.33

Deb sent me Valentine and Birthday goodies!!!!

2015-01-26 15.50.07

I don’t wait to open gifts…..so I had a blast getting all of the goodies out of the box…

2015-01-27 09.16.59

I just laughed when I opened this…it is so stinkin’ cute!  A Valentine Pixie ladies….:)  and inside….

2015-01-27 09.18.36

and inside the little box…

2015-01-27 09.19.00

Then I got busy on the Birthday goodies, my Birthday isn’t for a few days ( Feb. 4th) but I was so excited….

Look at this PERFECT Anchor Hocking Sale shaker….

2015-01-27 09.17.43

It was never used….look at the lid…

2015-01-27 09.17.19

2015-01-27 09.17.29

I have a Pepper one from her before…so now I have a set!  WHOO-HOO!

This is everything she sent me….Deb you know me so well….I cannot thank you enough!

2015-01-27 09.16.02

and of course Miss Bailey had to check it out….that little transfer looks just like her…will make a great scrapbook embellishment…

2015-01-27 09.16.23

A GREAT start to a good week!  I am so blessed by my bloggy friends…and so happy we met!

Bailey says Hi…:)

2015-01-27 09.15.41


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just keep at it!


I wanted to share this with those of you starting or trying to keep a personal business going….

This is about perseverance and patience…

This woman has been on Ebay for years, when they started the business it was her and her Dad and he passed away suddenly a few years ago and just devastated her world…slowly she came back…while others got on the band wagon…

here are some of her newest creations…


$_57 (1)

$_57 (2) b

Sweet little vintage card images on fiberboard cut perfect, just the right amount of glitter …they are to hang on a tree… approx. 4x4 inches …She finally is using images we can all relate to….she used to use Victorian type images…but the vintage children’s images from the 50’s and 60’s  are the biggest hits….:) 

These two items sold for are you ready???  $102.00 and $75.00 respectively!  She has many many more with active bidding up in this price now…



Here is a brand new auction, they all start about 6.99…

$_57 (3) h

This one is about to end….

$_57 (2)

it is currently at $74.00….I am just amazed that people will spend that kind of money on one ornament that is paper, wood and glitter and brand new…

I am so happy for her!  But now, I can’t afford them! :)


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