Monday, September 29, 2014

Halloween Cookie Cutter Swap Haul


I was sooo fortunate to get Erica from Golden Egg Vintage!  I met Erica in person this last May and what a sweetie!  She is a younger version of myself….in so many ways!


So without further ado…take a look at her talent and her generosity…

2014-09-28 18.01.55

I could tell this was going to be fun opening this box!

2014-09-28 18.02.27

A little vintage Christmas….love them!

2014-09-28 18.03.08

Look at this adorable tag….

2014-09-28 18.04.14

The cookie cutter ….so cute….:):)

2014-09-28 18.07.37

A vintage Gurley ghost candle, a homemade custom Halloween corsage, fun fun bling….


2014-09-28 18.05.36

This little guy is going somewhere special….he is papier-mâché…


2014-09-28 18.05.06

LOVE this sweet little hand painted canvas, I told her she has a real talent here and I own an original from this artist… :)

It just kept coming….

So here is all of it, minus the candy I ate! :)


2014-09-28 18.07.56

Thank you Erica….this was so fun having you as a partner!

I have a sweet little video of Bailey on her first birthday and as soon as I figure out how to get it here, I will post again…

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some changes in the wind….


This is a tough post to write.  I have noticed over the last year or so that fewer and fewer people are blogging or stopping in to say hello.  I really guess I never thought this would happen.  We were all having such a good time…through the triumphs and the tragedies we were there for each other.  

women baking together

We learned so much about each other, shared our lives. We learned of our traditions, and ways of life that we all grew up with. What really made us who we are.  It has been so much fun! To know that there are people out there you have never met face to face that know exactly what you are talking about!

I used to be uncomfortable with life changes.  Not any more, I see each and every one of them as an opportunity for a new adventure.  Totally new thinking for this gal!  We all have lives outside of this special place.  Families, school, work, all kinds of commitments.  Change happens, that is just how life goes.

I have gotten to make GOOD friends that without blogging I would have never met. That alone made blogging worth it. I am just going to mention a few here.  I would need a whole other blog to list them all…you all know who you are…:):)

a a a meeting blogger 422

These three ladies re so very special to me!   Erica, Tammy and Deb….we will keep seeing each other, I promise!

And Joyce, I feel like we have known each other for years and years….I hope you and your hubby are so happy in your new home!

I am also going to speak of our dear friend Elizabeth of Creative Breathing, she was one of the first women who I had contact with here in Blogland.  I remember the first time I saw her blog, I didn’t sleep that night!  It was so full of color and energy!   Her blog amazed me, as did her life and her wonderful ability to share her stories….I am sure that I am saying this for many of us….You are So Special and we will never forget you!  We all wish you the best E !

There were so many talented women that were magic with paper and scissors, wonderful storytellers, funny, sincere, and loveable!  And who can forget all of our fun posts that had to do with thrifting and estate sales?  The fun swaps we did, the wonderful items we made to share and enjoy, just for each other!

I also met women here in Arizona due to blogging that I truly enjoy …I hope to meet more people that enjoy paper crafting, scrapbooking, card making and junking!

Other ways to meet up have come along…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….I admit, I spend more time on Facebook now than I used to, I have so many new interests and there are groups just for them!  Who knew?

I have no idea about Twitter or Instagram…nor do I think I will later, but never say never…I never thought I would blog either!

Another wonderful spot is You Tube, my gosh I have spent hours watching tutorials on all kinds of crafting, card making, organization, you name it…and it is all free!

I plan on holding onto every last one of the memories we have made here.  I feel so blessed….these 5 years have been such an enlightening time for me!  521 Lake Street will always be right here in Blogland. This is such a special place.  I just won’t be posting as much as I used to. This is kind of a transition period to see if I keep blogging at all.

So…..The holidays are one of my favorite times to be here, so I am going to ask my friends for a personal favor…can we make an effort to be here as often as we can during the holidays? I know for me, it is a nice part of my holiday season sharing it with all of you…

Now, lets have a wonderful Holiday season and enjoy each other’s company!


Thanks for stopping by…..



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