Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Sears and Roebuck Home


There are a couple of bloggers that I follow that live in “kit” homes, Carol from Old Glory Cottage is one of them….I can’t even imagine how wonderful it must be to know your home is from the early 1900’s!  I decided to see what I could find and there are MANY homes still around….






This home is in Maryland….it has been taken care of very well…


This is the Kenwood….



Amazing, isn’t it????

This is called the Alhambra…very large…


And  this is a Alhambra also…brick instead of stucco.


Here is yet another one….


So sad it ended up like this….it reminds me of the magnificent lumbar baron homes in Eau Claire that are now frat houses for the university, it makes me sick!

Here is one down south that is just pristine…this is also a Sears and Roebuck plan.


These are just a few of the hundreds of plans Sears and other companies came out with…there isn’t too many I wouldn’t love to own now….



And some of the furnishings they would use inside…



Yes, that states $3.95!!!!


How many of us would love to have these pieces in our homes now???  $51.00, $49.00, unbelievable!



Here is a drawing of the inside of one of the Craftsman type homes…


And of course you have to have a bathroom!


All of this for 37.00 and some change!

I still feel sad when I think I will never own one of these lovely old homes, it is the one thing in my life that I truly wish could have happened….I just adore the bungalows and the farmhouses…they are my favorites…





    (all photos courtesy of Google)

Which kind of kit would you have bought?   It is so fun dreaming of the possibilities. :)  Here is a fun website to look at:  just click on the years to see the models.


Musings from Kim K. said...

It is fun to dream. So many gorgeous layouts and exteriors. Maybe that's why I love my vintage dollhouses so.

Dewena said...

The Kenwood is calling my name! Love, love, love it.

Unknown said...

I loved this post! I am a dreamer too. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to check out the web-site!

busyascanbe said...

What a fun post. I really enjoyed it. Wouldn't you love to live in one!

Perfectly Printed said...

I have always wanted a house with a wrap around front porch....maybe Kim has the right idea... A dollhouse might do! Love this post!


Perfectly Printed said...

I have always wanted a house with a wrap around front porch....maybe Kim has the right idea... A dollhouse might do! Love this post!


Marissa said...

Wow! I am amazed! I can truly see myself living in that era thumbing through a Sears Catalog, and picking out and ordering a nice bungalow with a wrap around porch...I wonder if kit homes are still available?...loved the post!

Anonymous said...

I love the old style homes, too. My husband and I both grew up in 1800's 2 story farmhouses. My parent's house was wallpapered with newspaper from the Civil War era! It used to be a stagestop. My dad remodeled it - and now it's a preschool. It's cute!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'd like an 8 ROOM VALLONIA BUNGALOW please!
These look like so many of the houses in Minneapolis. I didn't realize that there are so many different ones!
Yes Sandy, we have the same dream!
Erica :)

Donna said...

Well I would certainly live in all of them, but I think I like the first pic from the outside. Amazing prices, and very fun post.

craftyles said...

I would pick the Kenwood-kind of cottage looking. Such an interesting post. We can dream about living in one of these old beautiful homes, right?

Anonymous said...

The Vallonia was my favorite house when style I was a girl! How fun to see it here! I would ride by it every day on the school bus and it was my dream house. It was on acreage and I learned it was called Rossie's farm. Many years later, my husband installed windows in that house and the Rossies still lived there! Bobby told them about my love of their home and they thought it was funny that a little girl would have loved their old farm.

I've lived in a couple of 1900 houses and it is fun but now I'm glad for my well built and warm cozy cottage! ♥

RetroSandie said...

I think these older kit homes are pretty wonderful, too! It's amazing that there are so many still around! You should check out the blog Retro Renovation. She has done posts on these houses plus many other kinds! My dream home is a mid mod one but I love cottages too!

vintage grey said...

Oh, how lovely would it be to have one of those homes!! They are all so sweet! Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend! xo Heather

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

We used to live in a Sears house - but by the time we got there, it had been changed so many times you could barely see the original plan.

Thanks for the info!

The Custards said...

These are very charming and delightful homes - all picture perfect. Our home was built in 1910 and though I love it dearly it is always in need of something being repaired!
Best wishes

Unknown said...

I LOVE older homes and lived in them as a child. My mom's house was built in 1927 and is very similar to the Vallonia. There are few differences.

My house was built in 1999 and is very similar, but my mother's house was built much better and is sturdier than mine. Her insurance company dropped her coverage after almost 60 years with them! She had to scramble to find someone to insure the house. Thankfully she had upgraded electricity and plumbing, but the rates and coverage are horrific! I pay less than half her new premiums on my house and have twice as much coverage. My house is a money pit and is falling down around me.

It has always irked me that people tear down these beautiful old homes, but mow I see why. If you can even find insurance coverage it's very expensive. I was hoping to live in my mom's house if she goes before I do, but I will have to go through the pain of finding insurance again.


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