Monday, September 24, 2012

Blogging Buddies


I always feel so blessed by the women I have met blogging.  Caring, kind, intuitive women.  It has helped me realize that I am also a creative, caring, kind woman.  Not something I have ever been able to admit.  My counselor says we have work to do on my self image! :)

One of my blogging friends is also one of my best buddies.  Her name is Meri and she has Imagimeri’s blog.  The incredible story about Meri and me is that I have been best friends with her sister Lin since our junior year in high school… Meri was a little stinker that was always running around !  Lin and me went over to Meri’s for a class on paper crafting and she mentioned she could help me Photoshop some vintage photos.  And as they say…the rest is history!  Meri is nothing like her sister which is so amazing to me,  in fact Meri and me have a lot in common…we speak our minds, we love color and vintage anything and she always gets the good stuff at the thrift stores before me when we go shopping! LOL  ( just kidding)   Meri often picks up items for me just because she knows me so well…and I try to do he same for her.  It is a fun friendship! She truly is a blessing in my life.   When we made our witches hats for Viv’s swap Meri made one just for me also! 








Love the bottle in his hand!


The back is just as cute and look……



She finished the bottom with wonderful plaid fabric and pretty pretty paper. What an artist she is!  And I am so lucky to call her my friend!This is darn cute!  I just adore it…..I was lucky enough to get TWO great witches hats!

Another kind soul that I have connected with is Renee from My Vintage Mending.  In a post that she had this last week she had found some dog statues thrifting, one of them was an English Pointer.  I asked her if I could buy him from her as my son collects vintage Pointer items.  She said she would just send him….well, he arrived today in this sweet little box and when I opened it this is what I found…


Renee had sent goodies!




A lovely vintage hankie in a cute red bird clip




We share a love of vintage ephemera and she sent me a whole stack of these vintage flowershop cards…..I just LOVE them!


And last but not least…the pointer….


He is vintage for sure.  And my son will love him!

Thank you Renee so much!  You are such a thoughtful, kind friend!

Just two of the wonderful women I call my friends, I truly hope that the rest of you know who you are!  And Tammy and Deb ( sorry about that, I don’t know where that came from Deb!), I can’t wait until October 10th!


Unknown said...

Sandy, you are such a special person!!! You have such wonderful blog pals, because you are a wonderful blog pal!! The extra special treats from your friends are just the best!!

XXOO chris

vivian said...

YOu are precious to this blogging community girlfriend. I think we all struggle with our self esteems sometime. We are all blessed though with our blogging friendships arent we? I'm so glad everyone is having fun with the hat swap!

Diane Mars said...

What beautiful Women we have all met in our Blogging World.. Glad to here you are feeling better you sure got some fun goodies! Hugs, Diane

My Vintage Mending said...

That is a gorgeous hat...Meri can craft like no other. She is in her element. Every hat I see I fall in love with. I am so glad your puppy made it there in one piece. You are an inspiration to me....always helping others and you craft beautifully...smiles...Renee

vintage grey said...

What a beautiful Halloween hat from Meri, and such sweet treasures from Renee! Such sweet blogging friends, as are you! Blessings, Heather

ImagiMeri said...

Ahhh shucks girlfriend! Thank you so much for helping me set up Christmas. It really wiped me out, I stayed in bed most of the day.

I made the special hat for a very special lady, so you're welcome.

P.S. I'm still a stinker, just bigger now.

Love ya'

LBP said...

I am always inspired by the wonderful things you post on your blog! That hat Meri made is just fabulous! She is incredibly creative!

Love the pointer, Renee is a very, sweet and talented crafter as well!



Nan said...

Both these women are true gems as you are too my friend. Love the pointer Renee sent that is just so darn vintage looking.


Hi Sandy,
AWESOME hat! Meri and YOU are very creative! Renee too and SO MANY MORE! I'm looking forward to meeting you! I wish we had more time and we could "create"!!! That would be great fun!!!
So many blessings from blogging...who knew!

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Sandy,
A beautifully decorated hat from Meri, and Renee is also such a kind soul to have sent you the Pointer and goodies. God bless our blogging world! ;)

Amy said...

well deserved, no doubt. I have just found your sweet, sweet blog. i just love what you do with glitter!


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