Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pin it to Win it

Well….big sigh…the genealogy book project has gone to the printers and I feel like it was a job well done….I have never made one for someone outside of my family and it got tougher at the end as I wanted to be sure it was all they expected.  The young man was very pleased, and so am I !

Now on to the other things….I love Pinterest, for some one like me, a shopaholic, it is such a safe place…..I can look at all of these wonderful items, pin them to my boards and feel like I do “own” them!  The other day Jenny Holiday had a fun contest called “ Pin It to Win It”, I pinned a cute photo of one of her items and guess what?  She picked me for the winner! 


So see, once in a while you even get to purchase something for free!  I received a $50.00 gift certificate to shop at her boutique! 

This piece is calling my name…..:)


So fun!!! If you haven’t seen Jenny fun art, you must go visit……

www.everydayisaholiday.bigcartel.com, here is her blog too….


Thanks Jenny ( and Aaron),  I will be over to the shop soon!

I have to get busy with my Easter swaps…..have a great rest of the week!



Congrat's on your recent win!! and Congrat's on being published! AWESOME!!!

My Vintage Mending said...

Congrats. Glad to see you too were busy putting pictures together. Lots of hard work and time. Smiles...Renee

Cherry Chick said...

Congrats to you Sandy! It's always fun to win something. I'll have to file that idea away in my Marketing file for the future. That Pinterest is big fun. :-)

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Thanks so much for joining in on the pinterest fun!! We're thrilled to be sending our art your way!

Thanks bunches doll!!!
xo Jenny & Aaron

Unknown said...

Love it, Pin it to Win it! Thanks for the link too, she sounds more than fun!

Yes, I love Pinterest too, what a fun walk through creativity and ideas. I find it one of the most inspiring places I've ever been too and I like the fact you have a pin it board to look back and actually make something you love and even have the contact for it.

Have a beautiful upcoming weekend!

luci wallis said...

So glad I found your blog. Your header is so cute. I love Pinterest for the same reason.


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