Wednesday, December 7, 2011



I just got back from Bryan’s house, I have been there since Sunday….I am sorry to say that Willow did not work out…so sadly we drove her back to Tucson and returned her to the rescue yesterday….

She was a sweet sweet dog, but the mix was not right… she was not a Pointer Mix, but Bryan and I strongly believe she was Lab and Dalmatian…. she was at least 50 pounds and just a big puppy…she was housebroke, but no training of any kind and some poor habits…. and not near enough energy to keep up with Abbey.  Poor Willow would get tired of playing the tugging game and just lay down and Abbey would pull her around the living room…..laying down!

Oddly, it was Abbey that was the issue not Willow….so please say a little prayer that Willow’s forever home comes soon and she has a loving family for the rest of her life! 

Bryan and I were both devastated to have to take her back, but they said she would be adopted, they get their dogs from the pound, and NEVER take them back…..

Take care and remember what I whispered in your ear as we left you sweet Willow…….

Willow 3_thumb[6]

I will be taking a short break, I have to get my Secret Santa gift out and get decorated for Christmas!  Thanks for stoppin’ by…..


Unknown said...

Ohhhhhh, how sad! Hope she finds a lovely new home.

Merry Christmas ~

My Vintage Mending said...

It will happen. I have three now that can't live without each other. Even the cat acts like a dog. Keep trying Bryan. Lots of holiday hugs your way...smiles...Renee

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, worry it did not work out, sometimes it is hard to do the right thing isn't it. Sounds like the rescue is a great place!


Nan said...

Oh that's too bad I hope she gets a good home, no sense in taking the dog if you know it won't work out. said...

So sad:( Hope you find the sweet dog you are meant to find!



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