Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why do I do this??????


OK…..this post is going to be about a side of me that I really am crazy about…..I am close to being a hoarder of certain things…..if I decide I like something, I need as many as I can find!  Sound familiar at all????? SO……these first photo are of the items I pulled from my kitchen pantry while rearranging it,  not proud, nor happy about it….but what is….is…..




YUK !!!!!!  How do I do this???????  Here are just a few of the things I see on blogs, or on Ebay or whatever ( thank you Pinterest!) and I think “I can do that! “  But the problem is I never do!  Ever!  Life long bad habit, for sure…….

Some examples……I saw on Diane’s Blog ( Saturday Finds) where she made these cute party favor baskets for the holidays……

IMG_0291 Like these…..

and these……

IMG_0292 I have gotten real far with that project, haven’t I?????

I love party picks, you know cupcake picks?????? Just how many do you need??????

I haven’t decided yet……




Oh, and then I found this bin……in the pantry….LOL



I have a thing about paper plates and napkins too, for all of those fun get togethers I am going to have…..NOT! 


And you can never have too many lollipops to decorate with in each season either……



I wish I could tell you this is all of them, but I have two more bins in the guest room closet……I must have 75 of the little suckers! Do you know anyone who has lollipops in their guest room closet?  No, I didn’t think so either, well now you do! LOL

One thing I will not part with is my Dixie Cup Collection……these are my babies…and this clear dispenser, brand ne win box….priceless at least to me!  My Mom had one of these in our kitchen….



And these cute little things?  What the heck are they for?  I don’t know, but they are Dixie Cups!  LOL


A couple of years ago after Christmas I picked up 8 of these……


They were $1.25 each and I thought it would be fun to have a “Make a Gingerbread House Party” with some of my friends, I couldn’t get them all together in one night to save my life so…..….now, three years later, I am keeping three, one for me, one for Scott’s grandson Anthony and one for his Mom,  Rianna….we ARE going to make these this Christmas.  The rest I will donate to a church, along with a lot of the extra other merchandise.

I wish I could tell you this is the only place in my house I do this……but I would be lying, my word for 2012 is going to be “REDUCE”…..I will have some fun stuff and some lovely pieces of glassware on Etsy in a few days….so keep your eyes peeled ( gosh, where did that saying ever come from?)  :):)  I will be showing you what this poor empty pantry will be looking like, hopefully soon!  Oh, and I need to put the food away also…… jeesh!


Christmas decorating, did someone mention Christmas decorating????Not in this house for awhile….:):)


Charlotte said...

Have you been snooping in my closets? Take heart, you are not alone! We all are hoarders!

Nan said...

Hi Sandy,
Well if you saw my pantry which is in the basement you would say 'pathetic'. I never hoard food or store up much at all so one side has sparse food stuff along with Christmas storage, and Bob's tool storage. I don't know why anymore than you know why you like to have a lot of one thing, I only want a few of that item. It makes me very uncomfortable to have a lot of stashed things and I will reduce them from time to time like you are doing. I just love what you do with your decorating there in the kitchen and house in general you have a real touch for it. I don't I have to kind of struggle with it. Take Care my friend. Nan

E said...

First of all I love your pantry shelves. I REDUCE by taking the items from the upstairs to the basement (family room) ...eventually the items ALL go to the unfinished side. I just keep adding shelves; I'm particularly fond of those big stainless steel ones on rollers, then I can rat through the stuff occasionally with ease ! One of the few advantages of living alone I guess :)


Hello "sister hoarder" :) what else can I say!!?? You have a plan for the "extras" and that is a good thing!
I love your word for 2012...think I might make it mine too!

Kathy said...

I was watching one of the hoarder programs last night, and although I don't store garbage, I had to admit I have a problem, and it's growing.
I love all that stuff I get off eBay, but I'm not using enough of it, partially because I can't find things. That's my main complaint about my hoarding. That and the fact that I'm now stacking bins along the walls in the wrong rooms.
I love all your decorations! I used to have a table like your red and white one, but my husband was using it as a saw horse and/or work table and I didn't know it. It fell apart.:-(

My Vintage Mending said...

I have been here so many times. Now I set limits. Literally, when one thing comes in I let one go out. I have a closet/ bin for Goodwill set up and ready for stuff to go in to. I am currently going through my craft area and pitching unnecessary things. It is very doable. If I haven't done it in a year chances are I won't unless it is a vintage goodie then I re-evaluate. I adore your amazing style and eye. Hoard on...that is what my husband tells me! Renee

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I get it all, even the dixie cups, but you have scratching my head at the lollipops....I don't even have one LOL!! Lets talk buttons, lace, fabric....Oh I understand!


Sandie said...

I love your little collections! Especially the dixie cups! And the lollipops are so happy looking! My kitchen has looked exactly like yours this week, except with Christmas decor! Happy Cleaning! Sandie

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Hee Hee! You are so funny. I love your ramblings about these things. I have been told I am a pack rat! Can you believe it? I actually spent somewhere around $____ (okay I can't actually fill that in, my husband might see it) on a recent tag swap. One tag, and I already had lots of stuff! Ha ha. I think I am crazy! And so do my kids! But it is fun, clutter does need organized, used, and or reduced! So good for you! I also recently came across about 25 vintage looking green glass mini bottles with cork I bought one year. Was gonna make some kinda bath oil or something. I gave them to goodwill! Then regretted it. We are funny little hoarders.. I mean collectors!!

Lynn said...

Hi Sandy,
Feel free to send any of your not wanted goodies and wonderful items to my home in Conover. I have another home that I can store stuff in when I run out of room here LOL I will just tell my daughter that yes she is living in the house but I can still put all of my goodies there too LOL don't think she will be to happy but oh boy I will be in Heaven!!! Hope you get it all organized and looking like you want it too look and I love that you have suckers in your guest bedroom closet!!! Have a wonderful day!

Cindy said...

Dixie Cup collector...hmmmmm I will keep my eye's peeled for those. They do bring back sweet memories.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Anonymous said...

I love all your linens! And the Dixie Cup collection is just too good. I'd just have to open one and put it out for use. Love them! Also love the red and white shelf paper. Looks like your off to a good start downsizing.
Til next time...God bless and Merry Christmas.
Ginger at ginger.wethreebears@blogspot.com

Tea in the Library said...

It's all in the semantics... a collector refining her collection...a crafter purging her supplies...love the suckers by the way... and that BIG bag of Choc chips. Good gad I'm nosey!
Happy organizing!


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