Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday Goodies !

I wanted to share some of the fun items I got for my birthday….on the actual day Wayne and me went “thrifting” at my favorite thrift shops here in Mesa. I was looking for a rotating spice rack that held round bottles….and this is what I found:

spice rack for crafts jars It was three dollars less 40%….can’t beat that! I want to paint it red! But it didn’t come with bottles…so on to the next stop…and I found two acrylic trays with 20 bottles each ( $5.00 each) and there were all the bottles with each tray!


From the side as if they were hanging on the wall…


glass jars for crafts I had to wash the lids after taking off the white labels, they came off quickly and there were shaker tops underneath the lids….perfect! I want these bottles for my glitter and beads and such so they are out where I can see them, I forget I have them otherwise… I am not sure which older I will use…but I have plenty of bottles and nice holders either way…:)

This gift was especially made for me by my friend Meri, she has become the queen of shadow boxes! This one has two of my very favorite things….horses and cherries! Perfect colors too!

IMG_2662 See those cute cherries attached to the frame?


IMG_2666Aren’t these boots just the cutest???? And a sweet palomino foal! Check out Meri’s boxes at her Etsy site:

And last but definitely not least…..I LOVE Cath Kidston but can’t even begin to think of affording her kitchen items! If she would just open some stores here in the states! The difference in the pound and the dollar is too high right now and shipping is so expensive! But I found these at a Home Goods in Mesa……and Wayne bought them for me yesterday! :):) They could be from Cath herself!

IMG_2701 Aren’t these so cute???? I love the shape of the teapot…

IMG_2703 and look at the gingham on the top!


And I love the flowers inside the cups….


I know quite a few of you have gotten plates, bowls and three tired platters, but I had not seen this teapot! So happy with this, it will go with some of my Fiesta!

Along with these goodies I also had a few wonderful meals, got a cute reproduction vintage horse game ( Thank you Linnie) and had a great birthday month!

Thanks for stoppin’ by and please don’t for get about the Easter Tag Swap… is explained in the post below this one! :)


Pamela said...

Such a delightful birthday! Love your bottles for beads, etc. Your sweet shadowbox from your friend and the teapot A beauty for sure. I hope you have many tea parties in the coming yeart even if they are just a party of one!

Elyse said...

hi sandy,

the tea pot is adorable!!! enjoy all of your new goodies.

happy belated birthday. i hope it was a happy & yummy day.


Jane said...

Happy Birthday, Sandy! Wonderful gifts!

vivian said...

we just saw that whole set of dishes at TJ maxx the other day. Arent they so pretty! They didnt have the teapot there though. If they had, I may have had to buy it! I love teapots. My daughter wanted the whole set, there were 8 of each piece, except for the cups, someone must have bought one, cause there were only 7!
Well, that was probably a good thing as it saved her a lot of money!
I'm glad you had a happy birthday. I love Meri's shadow boxes. they are delightful!

auntbeth54 said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday. You sure deserve one. Glad to know things are a little lighter for you. What cute mugs and teapot!

Betty said...

Oh my goodness!! That is the second time in two days someone has shown those cute dishes! I am going to have to take a trip over to Home Goods. I think someone said they found some at TJMaxx too. I love, love Cath Kidston. I keep asking my hubby to take me to England so I can go shopping. I just don't know why he doesn't think it is a priority!! LOL LOL

Nan said...

I saw this on Amazon
Are they the same dishes?

genie said...

Birthdays at any age are such fun. I just had one on the 7th. Yours looks like it was a great success. Love the goodies. The tea set is just precious and the shadow box so sweet. I notice that you got to enjoy some good food, too. Happy belated birthday.

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Love the Cath Kidston look teapot and cups. Happy Birthday!


Lorlore said...

I found this website for Cath Kidston, check it out, prices don't seem too bad on shipping!!

Cherry Chick said...

Dear wonderful that your Birthday Celebration has brought you so many wonderful things. Love your tea set and I'm so happy you found the spice jar items. I look forward to seeing it after you've painted it red and decorated it in your own style.
I'm sure you will cherish Meri's special shadowbox for years to come.
I'm so happy for you!



So happy that your Birthday was Fab! Love the tea set too! Just perfect and pretty. Very nice gift from Meri!

Hearts Turned said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sandy! Looks like you had lots of fun!

Love that shadowbox Meri made for you--she really HAS become the queen of shadowboxes!

Love your sweet teaset--so pretty!

Hope your Sunday is perfectly wonderful, my friend!


Scrap for Joy said...

The shadowbox from Meri is so cute...perfect for you! I can't believe that I came home from Marshalls on Sunday and read this post...I had just purchased some mugs, cute bowls and dessert dishes to match. They are soooo Cath Kidston looking. I didn't see the teapot but it is adorable! What a sweet gift from Wayne.
Celebrate for as long as you can!

Little Chicks Info said...

What a great birthday! I need to keep going to Homegoods, they have some good stuff! Can't wait to see the shaker holder you got once you paint it...looks like you had a wonderful day! Happy, Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

OH!!!! I want the tea pot!! My Home Goods has the mixing bowls but not this!! How lucky you are! I missed the tea pot on the last dishes I got there too :( I guess tea pots are not in my cards! Enjoy your set!!
Hugs, Lisa

SueLovesCherries said...

Oh, by the way, I went looking for the "Cath Kidston" mugs at my local Home Goods, but they only had the small, square dessert (or bread) plates and a 2-tiered dessert plate thingy. I'll have to try to find another HG for the mugs - gotta have them! :)


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