Friday, October 29, 2010

A rough week at the Old Homestead

This has been one of those weeks you don’t really care to have happen….we thought we had storm damage, but come to find out we had a leaky hot water heater for who knows how long…..

this is my bedroom wall….


Doesn’t look like much, but when they got the drywall off of this room and the closet where the hot water heater was and the laundry room, this is what they found!


IMG_2296 IMG_2292 Yup, black mold !

IMG_2300 We had three of these monster dehumidifiers in the house and storage room, they pulled a LOT of moisture from the floors and everything else! LOL

What a mess, the Water restoration company did a great job of getting everything cleaned up and now I wait for the contractor…could be a couple of weeks, a lot of storm damage in this town a few weeks ago…..

But the positive thing? I get new flooring, ( mold was under bedroom, laundry room and water closet floor) and they have to paint the laundry room and I can put carpet in my bedroom, I love the laminate but it is cold on my arthritic feet in the winter….

Question is….when will this be finished???? Probably around Thanksgiving! Thank goodness it is not in the main part of the house!

I have great insurance, it is a company called Farm Bureau, I am sure some of you have heard of them. They started out years ago just insuring farms and farmers. If you ever have a need to change house and car insurance, they also go by Western Agriculture Ins.

PS…Abbey has been limping badly on the healed leg, she never limped before but the vet says it feels funny now, she will run and play with it, but she will not walk on it! Silly puppy! The vet assures us she will start walking on it soon.


Andy's Attic said...

Oh, ick! Glad you have good insurance and get new floors. That is the bright side. Glad to hear about Abby and hope she gets to walking on it soon.

Donna said...

So sorry about your water problems. I'v been there, believe me. The stories I could tell.
But when everything is fixed and nice, new and clean, you will see it was a blessing in disguise. :)

Unknown said...

Oh Sandy! What a thing to have happen with the holidays just around the corner! When it rains, it pours always seems to be the case. Fingers crossed for dry floor boards soon! Elizabeth

Nan said...

Wow what a mess you had there. Hope it gets fixed soon. I know how it is waiting for these contractors to get moving on with the job. I'm waiting now on the insulation, not showing up like he should, said guys were sick, etc..I'm still waiting.

Cindy said...

Aww..sorry about that.I hope they fix it fast for you.

Abbey is just over thinking Just like us humans.

Did you have any nibbles on your CD?

Have a fun weekend..don't eat too much candy.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

auntbeth54 said...

Abby reminds me of my first puppy. She hurt her foot and we bandaged it. She limped on it long after it healed. But, if you put a bandage on another foot, she limped on that foot instead! Abby is so cute. I'm sorry about your water damage, but glad you get carpeting!

Jane said...

Sorry to hear about the water damage! Hope everything's fixed up by Thanksgiving.

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

Goodness, this is awful. I wish you good luck with everything.

Ginny said...

glad you could take care of that damage. We have Farm Bureau also. My son was in a deer accident about a month ago, and he had no problems with the insurance.
Too bad you have to have such damage in order to get new floors, etc., but it will look so nice and new...

NanE said...

Sandy, so sorry you are going through these water/mold problems but thank goodness you caught it when you did.
OMG, you are not going to believe this, but my little divided depression glass dish, guess what I do with mine? YEP you guessed it, I put olives and pickles in it for thanksgiving!

NanE said...

Forgot to say, I sure hope Abbey's leg heals real fast, she is a cutie!


Glad to hear that Abby's leg is better :)
Yuck about the mold issue and thankful that you have wonderful insurance.


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