Monday, March 22, 2010

A Revamping already!

I have been watching some of my favorite people redo their crafting spaces. I have to admit, the way I had everything looked really cute but didn’t work really well…so I went and got some sweet little boxes at Wal-Mart and reorganized the item I seem to use all of the time



This seems to work a whole lot better.

Then I took the items I had in the cute cherry boxes on the shelves behind the desk and put them in plastic containers that I can see thru and grab as needed. Not as cute, but much easier to work with! Those shelves are not easy to get to!


I still need to move all of this around a bit, I can’t get into the bottom 12 inch drawers….but they are Christmas anyhow…

I also redid my hutch where my computer is….being into genealogy, papers pile up in a New York Minute!!!! So, I had to get some organization here also.


Love my little red dish drainer, got that idea from Brenda at A Cozy Cottage! I have file folders on their way to me that have colorful rick-rack on them! The little white boxes hold all of my CD’s…images, photos, etc….I will be making them all cute at a later date…I hope! Of course, there is always stickers. :)

And yes, that is a sweet little paint foal on my screensaver, and my Vista Bubbles….love them!


Take a good look, it is empty!!!!! Joyce, those are your Necco wafers I am eating right now! I got the fun, colorful pencil holder at Target, in the same place as the dishes….I love all of the colors, and if I need to I have a silverware caddy for a picnic! That is what it was intended to be!

I also thought I would show you a few photos of part of my Peep collection. I have no idea where to put this stuff, and I have a big bin of even more….but I am not parting with it! :)

Peeps 2

Peeps 3 Peeps 4

Have a great week everyone! It is suppose to be 85 degrees today! :)


My Grama's Soul said...

Hey Sweet SIL......So glad you are revamping, already!!! LOL LOL



Hearts Turned said...

It looks wonderful, Sandy! Someday, I will follow your is not that day!

Enjoy your beautiful area--I'm addicted to genealogy too--I understand the paper piling!

Hope your day is just lovely!

Becky Garrison said...

Hi Sandy! So glad to see you found some of the small boxes - aren't they just the best things! I love that you can see through them, but they have the colorful handles. Enjoy your newly revamped space! Becky

Lisa said...

LOVE the peeps collection!! I like your organizing! I cannot wait to get my room so I can too! I also LOVE Brenda's idea for the dish drainer! I am going to use that too!
Hugs, Lisa

ImagiMeri said...

Hey Girlfriend,

It's looking better all the time, so I can't wait to see all the crafting that will happen as SOON as you are finished with your room...;o) Hopefully it will be finished before the show......LOL


Jill said...

Love your studio! Those boxes are cute-- I like the turquoise handles. Your peeps collection is fun! I kind of have a little collection going too. I just picked up "vanilla marshmellow" Peep lip balm at Target the other day!

barncat (Lisa) said...

It looked great before, and looks great now! I love peeking into others craft rooms. :)

Little Chicks Info said...

you've given me inspiration to get my place cleaned up! Love all the bright colors!

Little Chicks Info said...

PS- Whatcha making for your craft show??

Mary said...

oh my gosh, where did you get your peeps???

you studio looks great, I need a big re-do!!
my studio that is!!! lol

Jessica Rodarte said...

You have a charming space! I love your storage solution. I like the plastic bins, and I need to take a stroll through WalMart to find those.
I saw your tags on Elizabeth's blog, too. They're lovely!
I'm glad you came by my blog, so I could come by yours. I'm following you now. :D I look forward to more pics of your workspace on Wednesday. ;)

Nan said...

I like what you have done especially the blue trimmed plastic stackable boxes, very handy now. What became of the cute cherry boxes?

Anonymous said...

Your opening pic makes me feel happy! ♥

SueLovesCherries said...

You go, girl! I change things around all the time, too. I like your bins - good idea! Now, let's see some projects!!

★Carol★ said...

It's looking real good! I'm redoing my craft area, and I'm having a hard time organizing everything so that I can find things easily, and remember where they are! I really like those plastic boxes with the blue handles. They look pretty user-friendly. I don't think I'll ever have enough room for all of my stuff!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'm glad you liked the red dish drainer idea. I picked it up once upon a time in a magazine somewhere. So many things you can utilize it for!

Mary said...

I have some of those cute walmart boxes and love them. The cute colored snapping handles are what captured me. Plus I love they have several assorted sizes and nicely priced. And the dish drainer idea, I may have to lift it for myself as well if you don't mind. What an absolute creative idea. Love your area.

gail said...

Hi Sandy,, I love your new storage. I am glad its working better for you! I am a PEEP fan from wayyy back too. This time of year everyone who knows me brings me a box of peeps. LOL Last year I had so many I was finding anyone to give them away to before they got hard!
I hope you are enjoying the spring weather,,, as we know it wont be too much longer and it will be over.
Happy creating in your beautiful new studio area! gail

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

The studio is looking wonderful. I really like that dishpan file folder idea too. I'm so glad you found a way to make it even more functional for you. Whatcha' workin' on these days? When's the big show? I didn't miss it, did I?

Unknown said...

Hey Sandy. Every time I come over and see your new page I just have to smile. I love the bright sweet vintage look of it. You craft room looks great and so organized. I'm still dreaming of that.

Hugs Sweetie...Tracy :)

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Your craft space is very sweet and oh so organized!

Fran. said...

Hi Sandy! Well I just went and made a fool of myself over at Sue's blog (It's A Very Cherry World!) I am blonde for real! LOL Anyways I asked her where she got the ME border for the shelves in her craft room! LOL So now I want to ask you! I've looked alot of places but can't seem to find it! I LOVE Mary Engelbriet and would love to find it! Thanks so much! and now I know I have the right person!!! Take care XO FRan.


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