Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Place called SMEEKS!

My best friend took me out yesterday and we always have such a wonderful time! She always finds places I have never been before, and this was no exception! If you live in the Phoenix area, you must check out this store! As I have told you before I am an old candy fanatic and this place was like heaven!!!!! Wonderful items for parties, and great retro finds! And the large red gnome, he is to die for! $50.00 but he was at least 15 " tall and so cute and red! I bought wonderful paper straws, and cupcake liners, and nutcups and little bit of candy :) I just couldn't get enough of the sights! And the colors....perfect! Please enjoy these photos and if you ever get a chance to get to downtown Phoenix, you must check out SMEEKS! 14 West Camelback Road in Phoenix, AZ. Enjoy!


Lori E said...

We have a old fashioned candy shop not far from where I live. Brings back a lot of memories for sure.
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Elea at Nostalgia Organics said...

Hello Sandy! I love your blog. And, it's so neat to see that you discovered Smeeks. Isn't that the best candy shop? Just a note to say thank you for stopping by and meeting us at Blissfest. It was great to meet you. Ahh, love your decor here. Right up my alley! Keep in touch. Elea said...



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