Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tags, Tags and More Tags!!!!

Elizabeth at Bluebird Papercrafts had a Christmas Card Swap! We had to use the colors mint green, light blue, pink and red…..well needless to say that was a challenge for me!

But I tried really hard to use those colors! We had 22 tags to make! And I am not one to cut out the same thing 22 times….so I have a bunch of tags that are all a little different! I had a great time making these, but wow….22 tags!!!! LOL




The backs I did different on all of them!


This one is a play on words…..do you see it??????

IMG_2366 :):)

I used vintage gift tags and stickers everywhere I could! I had won a TON of these on Ebay years ago….they were so old that the bags said 40 for 5 cents!


What do you think late 40’s or early 50’s maybe??? A lot of the stickers were glued together but I had quite a few I could use, and do you know that the glue on the back still worked like a charm!

Now I just need to punch the holes for the ribbons and thread it thru…..

And clean up this mess!!!!! LOL


Thanks for stoppin’ by……


Cindy said...

I can't wait to see these. I am jealous E..gets to see all the backs you created.Take pictures of them all for your memories.

Hugs Cindy

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Sandy,
Wow, your Christmas tags came out fabulous, and I'm sure the ladies will be thrilled to get them! The vintage gift tags and stickers added just the perfect touch. I'm guessing them to be from the very late 40's, due to the font appearing on the package...just a hunch! :)
Even though making so many tags can be daunting, isn't it the best feeling when they are completed? That high usually makes me perfectly perky for several days! ;)
Thanks for showing us your FAB tags!

Pam Kessler said...

Those are too cute! I love all those old stickers too.

Jane said...

Love your Christmas tags! That's so cute the way you put the stickers & gift tags on the back. I remember those tiny little gift tags - not self-sticking for sure. You're right, 22 is A LOT! I'm in a tag swap group that usually does 20 & it is hard to do the same thing 20 times :)

Jane said...

Oops, I signed 2 times - at least not 20!

Unknown said...

Just lovely creations, Sandy ...

Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Paula Clare said...

Hi Sandy,
Hope this find you well! Your tags are so very ... SANDY! I love them! Your sweet little images and the colors are just perfect! You do such a good job on these things! LOVE THEM!

Angela said...

So cute!! Even though they are a little more pastel than primary, your great style shines out!

barncat (Lisa) said...

Your tags look wonderful and so Christmasy. :) I finished mine last week and 22 was a lot to make, but just think of all the wonderful ones we'll get back in return!

Diane Mars said...

Looking real good, I just know E is going to LOVE them! Hugs, Diane

Nan said...

Your Christmas tags came out wonderful. I have some of those old stickers too, same envelope and they do stick together when they get old. Nan

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I was just admiring all the tags Elizabeth was showing off. Yours are great! That is a lot of tags! That packaging does make me think back to when I was a kid, so even late 60's early 70's I'd say. Amazing that the glue is still good ~ probably toxic, but hey - it sticks, right : )

You are so creative and I can't believe this is fairly recent for you. I read your profile and how started crafting not long ago. I guess you found your creative calling! : )

Unknown said...

I don't know what a Card Swap is but it looks fun and you sure made a lot of cute ones....especially given the colors they asked you to use. The stash of stickers is great too! I love that kind of stuff!

Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Sandy~ The papers and images you used for these tag are just perfectly YOU! So cute! I haven't started mine yet but will get to it as soon as I clean house here and entertain 9 people over the next week-yikes! Love those old stickers you have...I remember decorating packages with them when I was a little girl...we didn't have gift bags then, every package was wrapped in paper. Do you remember when Scotch made patterned tape...it came on metal rolls. Loved that stuff!
Have a great Thursday!

Unknown said...

Oh Sandy! These are the types of tags I just live to swap for! How special for us that you used your vintage stash. I love the opportunity to share the "real deal" with those who haven't seen them in person. You are so special to have joined my swap. Thank you for all your hard work! Elizabeth

Jenny said...

22 - YIKES!!!!

You did a great job on these - it does sound like an odd matching of colors but they turned out fabulous!


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