Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Over the Fence Chatting

I have a dear friend that I have met in Blogland that I would love for you to meet!

Her name is Cindy and her adorable blog is Rick Rack and Gingham.


Cindy lives in Texas and she always has her back door open for friends to come in and chat about anything they chose…..she is a wonderful Grandma, wife and mother and I adore her Texan ways!

She has a day a week where she has an “Over the Fence Chat” letting all of us know who is doing what, who is needing our support and just general “neighborhood” stuff! I look forward to it each and every time she posts it!



She recently opened up a very special general store called “Mornin’ Glories”. Every Thursday you can link up and sell your wares! It is such a fun, vintage site! And it really truly feels like an old general store…..


When you see this photo on the blog you know it is shopping time! Smile

I know many of you already have the pleasure of knowing Miss Cindy, but if you have not met her yet, please go and introduce yourself….she is one wonderful Blogland gal, that is for sure!


NanE said...

Yes, Cindy is such a sweet generous soul. I'll be heading over there in a bit. Oh yeah, I have 3 Marguerite Henry books too! Misty, Stormy Misty's Foul and Sea Star. They were my favs. Some where I have a picture of me sitting on my Daddy's lap and he is reading one of these books to me. LOL, once again, an uncanny similarity! xxoo Nan

Pam Kessler said...

I just popped over there and it's she has very cute sites (both of them). And shoot - I forgot to leave a comment, so I'll stop by again. Thanks for the tip.

Unknown said...

I just love Cindy to death. She's a wonderful friend and person.

I wanted to thank you Sandy for being such a good friend to me too and keeping me and the family in your loving prayers. Many hugs and much love....Tracy :)

Unknown said...

Love Cindy, I will be sure and check out her shop. My favorite flower! E

Anonymous said...

Ooh,, sounds like fun. All of my friends have moved away and I need a chatting one. Over the fence sounds like fun. Gotta pay her a visit. Thanks for sharing.


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