Monday, January 19, 2015

Cath Kidston…we need to talk….


Hi everyone….well, I am starting to feel like a real person again….

I thought since I was up I would look at Cath Kidston’s site for what’s new…and of course there is SO much I would love to have in my home…so bright and cheerful…here are a few of the items…

11.00 each

11.00 each


plastic type plate  10.00 each

24.00 each

24.00 for each set..

40.00 3 piece

This just gave me shivers it is SO cute!  Are you ready?

this 3 piece set is 42.00 !



for the necklace  and bracelet of resin button…59.00

This is an adult dress….I would never wear it, but it is adorable…



114.00 dollars…..


For my phone….40.00


104.00  Can you tell what my favorite pattern is????


and last but not least a plastic ruler for 12.00….

OK…now I love Cath Kidston….so I tried to figure out how much an order would be for 4 mugs, 4 plates, 4 three piece cup sets, I phone case and a ruler….

A whopping 232.00 !!!!!!!!!!

I sure don’t have this kind of money hanging around, how about you?  I didn’t even look at shipping…lol

Why does it have to be so much????  Plastic, ceramic, shoes?  I know it is HER brand….how in the world she keeps going in this economy is a mystery to me….the Christmas items were a much better deal…

So go have fun and fill up an imaginary cart…..they are free!’



Anonymous said...

Those colors are perfect for you, Sandy! I love CK and Greengate but I satisfy myself with just looking at them. :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Too pricey for my blood, too, but such cute things!! I bought a Cath Kidston phone case on EBay for $12. Much more reasonable.

Unknown said...

My piggy bank is empty, alas, but those shoes are to die for! :-)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Are you feeling better? Let me know. I do the imaginary cart all the time. I cannot afford those prices....I go dream at Etsy and then come back mentally home and use what I have!


Happy to hear that you are "up"..those CK items are so pretty and happy! I love that pattern too!
Hmm..that does seem high for plastic.

vivian said...

How cute ! I love Cath kidson stuff. Always cheerful... Lord knows at this time of year if you live anywhere cold and dreary, we cant get enough cute and cheerful! lol! hope youre feeling better soon my friend!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, Sandy! Yeah, those prices are a bummer! I love the phone case. But that dress is a bit ridiculous for an adult! lol
My 1 year old niece would look darling in it though!
Thanks for showing us these cute things!
Erica :)

mrsmcbee said...

I agree with you Sandy,my goodness everything is sooooo expensive!! I don't think I can keep up anymore..Darn I love it all but we have to eat!! LOL

agravette said...

I love her stuff, but like you, I have to be contented with window shopping. That is a lot of fun and does wonders for cheering us up on a gray day!

Rosie said...

Yikes! I have to be satisfied with just looking at her pretties. The only true CK item I have is an apron my son bought for me in London. I just treasure it! :) Glad you are feeling better!
love, rosie


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