Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To go back in Time……

I recently purchased a little catalog of toys from the mid 50’s and finally opened it up and looked at it….I was shocked, so many of the toys I had or asked for from Santa….and a chance to see the prices.  I figured I would take a few posts and share some of these wonderful memories with all of you. 

This was from a store in Washington called Norberry’s, they must have come out with this catalog at Christmas possibly!  Now I was born in 1954, so I was too young at the time this catalog came out, but 99% of these toys were still around by the time I was interested in the late 50’s early 60’s.  If fact, Santa brought a few…:)  So enjoy…..click on the photo and it should get larger for you to see up close….


I recently realized one of my favorite vintage children’s book artists also made dolls, her name is Ruth Newton and I am on the hunt for a set of these sweet rubber dolls…..

Ruth E Newton squeaker dolls

And look!  The set was 1.98!!!!!!!!!


scan0040 - Copy

And we all love the Fisher Price old timers….the graphics, the colors, look what they went for then…..


You could get this whole page for about $25.00 !

Those of you that collect tin dollhouse memorabilia, look at the Renwal furniture sets!!!!!  Incredible!  And who didn’t have at least one set of these toy dishes in their childhood?



And all of these fun metal stoves and such….look at that hutch!!!!!


I have one of the stoves now, but boy, it doesn’t look this anymore…as a child I had the same stove, but the red graphics were a sweet blue….


All of these bring back such memories, either I was lucky to have them or a friend…..I had the bassinet, but I would love to have that highchair, and crib, all metal and it perfect shape!  And a whole $30.00 for this page…sigh…..:)

OK….that is all for today….it has 54 pages of nostalgia…and I will share them a few pages at a time….fun, huh????  I got this catalog  at an antique store, but it was worth every penny I paid!  A whole $5.95! 

Think what I could have had out of the catalog for that price! lol

Thanks for stopping by…..


Shirley Hatfield said...

I used to want to go back in time to the 40s,50s and 60's and go shopping and bring back all the things I wanted when I was young. I would love to see those things in new condition. I love old catalogs. =D

ImagiMeri said...

I have one of those dolls!!!! You can see it in the picture heading my post today. Those are just some of my squeezy toys that you haven't seen cause you won't come over....neener, neener.


Nanette Merrill said...

I kind of feel sick after looking at this post. I had the teaset, I had one of the doll beds, I had the doll house furniture..etc. It makes me sick that those are all gone. I want them back. I want want want them back. A temper tantrum won't help but oh how I want some of those toys. I was born in 1957 but my sisters are all older and some of the toys were hand-me-downs. Which I was happy to get. Sigh. Thanks for the memory but it does make me wish so much I still had them.

vivian said...

what a fun catalog! dont you wish we could go back to those old days? well, in someways anyways.
remember the 5 and 10 stores?? they had everything and they were so much fun to go in!
have a great week!

Perfectly Printed said...

What fun dolls!! And the vintage catalog.. great graphics!


LANA said...

I remember so many of those toys. Actually Fisher-Price still makes some of those pull toys. My grandson has Dr. Duck and the Teddy Bear repros. I used them as centerpieces at my daughter's baby shower. Ah, if only the prices were the same, how rich we would all be!

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh yes I have a collection of these and I am always eyeing them. I also have a number of her books. She is my favorite illustrator. I am pretty sure I named my post Ruth E. Smiles...Renee

Musings from Kim K. said...

What a delightful catalog. I especially love all the dollhouse furniture. Thank you for sharing your special treasure with us.

vintage grey said...

HI! I saw your sweet button on Miss Renee's My Vintage Mending, and had to come over! Your blog is beautiful! Love all your vintage treasures, you have a great eye for vintage beauty! How sweet is the catalog! Thanks for sharing! I just love looking in vintage catalogs! A great find! I am your newest member! xo Heather

Sandie said...

Love your catalog! What a great find! I have the pink and green baby doll bath (on the last page) in my booth! And those dolls are so sweet! ;)

LBP said...

I love seeing these old ads! That sleepy head doll (#c) I had that and still have her although she has seen her better days! Looking forward to seeing more of your catalog.



Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for this, Sandy! So fun! I'd love to have that doll furniture with the decals! ♥

craftyles said...

WHat great memories. I had so many of those toys-than we had a flood in our basement-and we lost everything down there. I guess that's why I love that era so much!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Great post Sandy! Those dolls are so cute! I will keep my eyes open for one for you!


gotheart said...

I wish toys nowadays went back to the vintage look.

The dolls are so lovable. I just want to squeeze them!

MEM said...

The colors and graphics are so wonderful. I believe I have several of the rubber dolls in my shop! So sweet.

SueLovesCherries said...

Sandy, this is such a fun post! A nice trip down memory lane. (I think once you hit 50 you're allowed to say that!) I can't believe that stove was only $3.98 - you can't get a beat-up one for less than $20 nowadays.

Jennifer said...

I have that little red & white stove in the shop, but it's all rusted, but still cute! I love everything in that catalog!


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