Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Tag Swap Info and… It is Christopher’s Birthday!!!!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, got started on some genealogy work and well…it just takes over! :) I love the hunt!

I would like to set up a date when we can all link to a post with McLinkky to show off our fun tags and such that we got in the swap….so how about we do this Friday the 22nd???? I will set up a post for everyone to link to on that day and we can all go visiting…..I will keep the link open for five days….I just got a note from my partner Tracy and she was so surprised and pleased….just what I was hoping for….so let’s keep that date in our calendar, Friday April 22…. see you all then! And if you have your items ready to go now, please just send them out now! :) Can you believe it is April already?

Today is my youngest son Christopher’s 27th birthday…where has the time gone?????

Christopher Loren McClay of 1984 The doctor said he had never delivered a real Cabbage Patch baby!

scan0101 Both of my sons….I wish I could get them this age again!

Easter with Bryan and Chris An Easter shot, the only time they ever wore matching outfits!

Chris in high school, my favorite shot…..

Chris McClay -  Junior Year in high school

He is my clown…..makes us all laugh, and has a killer grin…..

IMG_0091 On our trip to Wisconsin a couple of years ago…this is his second cousin… his reaction????? :)

Vicki, Sandy, Linda, Mike & Chris Oct 07 Also in Wisconsin, this is the first time he ever got to meet my side of the family….thank you son for these memories….

Happy Happy Birthday Christopher, I am going to make your cake right now!


Dawn @ alteredartists said...

Nice to meet you today. It was so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone, including you! keep in touch...

Elyse said...

so sweet! happy celebrating and cake!


Angela said...

I'd love to do a linky of the Easter swap. I'm working on my tag and goodies today and should get them out next week. You son was a cute little toehead (sp?) with a great smile. :)

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Christopher!
Sandy, I wonder if you could keep the McLinky thing open more than 2 days? April 22 is Good Friday & then there's Easter Sunday - all a pretty busy time - probably have a big family dinner to prepare! If that won't work, could you put a list of participants on your blog so we could go look a few days later? I do want to see all the tags!
Thanks, Jane-Jacksonville

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Adorable pictures, adorable grin! Happy birthday, Christopher. : )

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your christopher. I have a Christopher, too! Mine just turned 28. Thanks for hosting the swap! ♥

vivian said...

mailing out my partners tag and goodies tomorrow! Happy 27th to your baby. He is handsome! I hope you have a great day! I woke up with a cold, but wont let it get me down! got crafting plans for today!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome son! Oh, the time just flies by, doesn't it, Miss Sandy. I'm excited to read about your projects!


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