Sunday, April 3, 2011

Abbey, Abbey, Abbey….

If you been to my blog before you know I have a new grand puppy…her name is Abbey and she was the sweetest tiny puppy!!!! ( she is finally growing into these ears)


Well, since this photo, Abbey has eaten almost every plant in my two son’s newly landscaped backyard, two weekend ago and a few hundred dollars later it is finally looking good again…she ate them down to twigs and they were all new plants! I already did a post about the carpet, yup she ate part of it also…. she also had broken off her baby canines and we couldn’t figure out where….well a couple of weeks ago my son found out….

Let me back up a bit….I got this awesome “fake” cat from my brother and his wife a few years ago. His name is “Bogus”….as a gag gift a few Christmas’ ago I gave it to my son so he could have a “pet” in his apartment…. Meet Bogus…

Bogus the Cat  Xmas 2008  2 I even bought him a bed and a name tag….does he look real or what????

Well this is Bogus today….


Notice, no left ear, a chewed right ear and an area on his body that is in the white that she also ate….


Do you see anything else missing?????


Yup! She ate all of his whiskers!!!!!! I was really sad…this is one awesome cat! I am going to see if my friend Meri might be able to fix him with some paper clay….I don’t know about the whiskers….:(

She is only 8 months old!!!! She is going to doggy book camp this summer, and they guarantee she will be a trained dog when she gets back in two months….I sure hope so….my son takes this pup every chance he gets to a dog park to run…..this can last up to an hour and she finally gets tired, and I mean non stop running….how do you handle ADHD in a dog????? I told him these English Pointers were high energy! LOL

Abbey 6 12 months  2 of 2011


Holly said...

In our dogs first year, she ate two garden hoses. Ate them, didn't just chew on them. She ate through the cable twice so we had to have the tv people come out and fix them. Ate my baseboards and chair legs. Several articles of clothing. I am happy to say that as soon as she turned a year old, she became the best dog ever. Good luck with that. Now Bogus, that is the perfect pet!

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

ROFLMBO--take THAT fake cat!!!!

She is so CUTE--kinda like a hyper toddler huh??

★Carol★ said...

When I was little, we had a dog who would eat our shoes while we were out! Thank goodness Abbey didn't get sick from eating all of those plants. She's must have a cast iron tummy!

Nan said...

The problem with this dog is she needs someone with her at all times and in your sons case I'm sure this is not possible as he must work. This is a high maintenance dog to be sure. I would check out that dog camp before sending her there. Ask for references as somethings can go on there you don't see that may not be so good. Personally I would never send my dog to training center.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the laugh! Cute post!

GardenOfDaisies said...

That is hilarious!! The ear is gone, the whiskers are gone, the collar is gone... Oh puppies!! :-)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

thanks, I laughed all the way through this, you have brightened my day, sorry about the fake cat!


Betty said...

Our dog is a chewer too. My hubby gave him a pair of leather moccasins. One shoe for inside and one for out. They lasted almost six months.

My Vintage Mending said...

I am going to spare you the catastrophies that my bulldogs do with their teeth. Believe me..this too shall pass. At about 18 months. We have lost lamps, picture frames, sofas, chairs, door knob, remotes and more. Love them in spite of it all! Renee


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