Thursday, October 6, 2011

EC Here I Come !!!!!!

Eau Claire Post Card for Creative Breathing Swap

2 weeks of Nirvana!!!!!  My cousin said the trees are just starting to turn….perfect timing!  

Oh….and just a thought…..



I say Amen !!!!!!  Have a great couple of weeks!


Jane said...

Have a wonderful time, Sandy! We're enjoying some Fall (cooler) weather here for a few days - wish it would stay like this!

vivian said...

oh good for you ! a trip! have a great time. we'll miss you though.
hey, we had a doberman in the 70's! she was the sweetest thing. I would love to have another one. but I just dont want to take care of a dog! I do have to say that Im not a fan of pitbulls.. and yes I agree it is mosly humans to blame!
have a sweet day
vivian said...

Have a great trip, Sandy! My hubbs is from WI and went to UW, Eau Claire. Beautiful up there this time of the year:)


My Vintage Mending said...

Oh have fun for me....Love that Cesar...Renee

Scrap for Joy said...

Have a super-duper time! Take lots of pictures! Take sweaters and jackets! I hope you get a chance for some quiet time, too....for thinking. Love your new blog look but where's the Necco wafers-lol!

Jenny said...

Have a great trip! I've been unable to leave comments so I hope this one comes through!

NanE said...

OK, where to start? Have a wonderful trip. I have never been to EC but have heard great things about it. I love your new Halloweeny Blog look, so sweet! And I love all the vintage cards you won, so cute! I'll be posting your button on my blog too, that is if I can ever stay of Pinterest, ha ha! Hugs, Naan

Diane Mars said...

have fun, I have my sis from out of State visiting here! We should have some good times. oxo, Diane

Betsy said...

Have a great time and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! I hope you'll be posting some pictures when you get back.

Creative Breathing said...

Sandy, I am so excited for your tales of Wisconsin. You take us all back to another time, it's just wonderful! Safe travels! Elizabeth

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

The leaves are awesome! The temps have been in the 80' will have a wonderful time!
My "Grandpuppy" is a pitbull and he is the BEST dog EVER!!! Little Sweet Pea loves to play with him and "Chopper" lets her do whatever she wants. SP is 9 lbs Chopper is 65+ lbs. PITS are Peaceful!!

~~Carol~~ said...

I'm so jealous that you're going to Wisconsin! Have a wonderful time, and your blog looks amazing Sandy!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh...have a wonderful time!!! It's always so nice to get away once in awhile. I just got back. : )
Take lots of pictures to share!!
Mary Lou

Marydon said...

Enjoy your respite, sweet friend. Beautiful time of the year to enjoy the outdoor beauty.

Have a beautiful weekend

Cindy said...

Girl are you still on your trip? I have a fun thing to want to play? Look at my post and send me an email.

Travel safe my friend...hugs Cindy


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