Friday, June 10, 2011

A wonderful day in the neighborhood!

Today I went to get the mail and I had two boxes waiting for me!!!!! :)

I am going to show you the one box today and wait until Monday to show you the other….when you see it, you will know why….LOL

I have a wonderful new friend in Blogland named Renee, she has a great new blog called My Vintage Mending. A few weeks ago she showed us the most adorable pattern for making vintage apron Christmas ornaments….well, needless to say I wrote her and asked her where she had gotten the pattern and that I needed to find one and someone to make a few for me for a clothes line in my laundry room….being Renee she kindly said she would be happy to do it for me! So, This is the package I received, wrapped in a vintage sewing pattern….

Aprons 2 (2)

With the cutest tags!

Aprons 2 (1)

I had sent her some fat quarters not knowing much about fabric, I just picked out ones I thought would go together that were in the same line…..and look at the magic she did with them!

Aprons 3

I wish you could see the detail…the tiny stiches and the wonderful rick racks and laces…. I just noticed you can’t see the adorable green one…I will show it to you when I hang them up!

Aprons 5 This red one even has a little yellow handkerchief in the pocket!

Aprons 6

Aprons 7

Aprons 3

Amazing detail and wonderful work….Renee thank you so much for these! I will take a photo when I get them up in the laundry room!

P.S. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and emails on my last post.

P.P.S. Is everyone else about ready to go to Type Pad? Now my friends list is gone……And when I go to the the Blogger forums, they talk in a language that most of us have no idea what they are talking about! I have cleaned my cache of cookies, not checked the “keep me signed in” box, gone to IE8…..still problems….what the heck did they do now? And how do we fix it on our end???? We are bloggers…. not IT techs! :)


vivian said...

love the little aprons. I saw them on flickr too. As for your friends list, mine had disappeared for a few days.. and then came back all on its own. since then though due to some stupid lisencing restriction, my playlist doesnt start up automatically. so if you want to hear it you have to turn it on.. rather then if you dont want to hear it turning it off.. oh well.. they should just leave things alone dont you think?
but regardless.. Have a lovely weekend!

Cindy said...

Arghhhhh I am so freakin jealous!!!!!These are so adorable..the deatail is awesome. I just love Renee's work and creativity.She is on Sadie Mae's journey and now so are you!!!

Hugs and Squeezes..Cindy

Mecky said...

Those are adorable. How sweet of Rene. You did a great job picking fabric!!! I can't wait to see them hung up!

Unknown said...

Oh! I WANT THEM ALL! They are darling, Sandy. She is really a great designer. Gonna pop over to visit this fantastic lady.


My Vintage Mending said...

You are just as sweet as they come...and all the other ladies here in blog land. Anyone that loves decals as much as I do is super in my book...Enjoy...Smiles...Renee

Jenny said...

So cute, Miss Sandy! Happy weekend!

Simply Shelley said...

Love your sweet little aprons...can't wait to see how you display them....I read your previous post as well...God is good....the lilies of our life are always found in the valleys....blessings

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh, they are beautiful. I'm not surprised though, Renee is fabulous and very talented. I am sure you will enjoy them for many years to come! You lucky, lucky girl!

E said...

Hi Sandy,
I saw these on her blog and drooled, so cute !! I love to follow her blog :) I'm like a kid in a candy shop here in blogland and "want one" of everything I see I just need to get a grip and purge before adding anything more :)
I switched from IE to Google Chrome not perfect but better than IE.
E in TN

Andy's Attic said...

Cutest little things in the world! And she was so sweet to make them for you!!! I agree about blogger......I've thought about typepad, too. I am not a tech and don't want to have to be one!!

Anonymous said...

Su-weet! You lucky girl! ♥

(As much as I have trouble with blogger, I can't imagine starting all over with another carrier!)

Scrap for Joy said...

I saw these cute aprons on Renee's blog...I thought they'd be perfect for you as soon as I saw them! She is so very talented!! Aren't we lucky to know such great women?
Blogger has stripped me of my followers. I can at least finally leave comments...I wasn't able to do that for 2 weeks. Gheesh!
Hope you're feeling better Sandy. You've been on my mind a lot.

Nan said...

I saw these over at Renee's and thought oh that Sandy is one lucky gal to get these little gems. I know how hard these are to make. I know you will cherish them sweet lady.

mollydianeh said...

Hi, I just "found" your blog (thru Vintage Chic, Julie) I love your blog; and what a great day, indeed to get your package! Those aprons ARE adorable. Wanted to say thank you for your Memorial day tribute/info/decoration day! I did a Memorial day tribute on my blog too, I'm originally from New England where they are serious (!) about Memorial day.
Thanks again, enjoyed the "visit"!

Into Vintage said...

Renee is one talented seamstress to make such tiny yet perfect little aprons. A package in the mail always makes my day! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my!!! These are adorable! Thanks for sharing, Sandy. Haven't stopped by in a while but sending blessings and warm greetings your way.

Much love!

Tammy said...

Absolutely adorable! And, such clever wrapping! I know what I'll be searching for at flea markets and garage sales!

SueLovesCherries said...

These are so cute, I think I'll squeal with delight! They are so colorful and happy! She did an awesome job!!

Regarding your last post, it's hard to admit your inner struggles, but so freeing at the same time. We love you and are here for you, Sandy!

Unknown said...

A good day ahead! I can tell, when the sun is out in Washington and I've taken a minute to come and visit you again. I commented on your previous post too. Bless you dear one and so fun to see you have been blessed by your new blog friend. Those are really really cute, yes indeed. Come visit me sometime!


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