Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Splashes of Red for Rednesday!

Hi everyone, I wanted to share of the wonderful items I got in my wedding swap!


Linda’s swaps are amazing and so much fun!!!!! She will be doing another one in late August so please check with her then!

I was partnered up with a wonderful woman named Debbie who lives in Parma, Ohio. Linda had no way of knowing but I lived in Parma! So Debbie and I had a lot to talk about. Here is her wonderful blog!

Debbie lives in her parents home and was able to go “shopping” downstairs for me!

How you all know the things I love….she had me down pat as they say!


Look at this wonderful 1970’s wrapping paper and the wonderful red tulle!

IMG_1794 IMG_1824

IMG_1813 handmade jewelry just for me, and they are cherries!

A wonderful book markIMG_1815

And just in case you didn’t see that incredible tablecloth, here is a close up!

IMG_1791 IMG_1804 a wonderful vintage vegetable cutter. This is just a sampling of what Debbie sent me, we have become fast friends! Thank you Linda!

I also got this in the mail yesterday….these will be on the Holiday CD! :)


These cards were never used! They went for 10cents each, but on the back of the box it states “12 for 60cents”…half price, what a deal! LOL

Just a few…..


Have a wonderful day and please go over to Sue’s to see all of the other wonderful reds!!!!!


Have a wonderful day, I am headed over to Meri’s to work on my vintage camper tags! :)


Debbie said...

Hey Sandy...
RED is a wonderful color...and I had sooooooooooo much fun selecting the treasures I shared with you. All the photos & your blog list of things you like made it easy. I'm sure Mom is loooking down...or maybe up...from the great beyond & is happy that I was able to find someone to love her vintage goodies. I had a blast making the necklace & book thong for was fun being your swap partner. I'll blog about what you sent to me soon.

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

How providential to find someone in the town you had lived in!1 The tablecloth is to die for as they say!! So pretty. Love all the sweet red things you received!


Hi Sandy,
I was in the same swap. You sure scored some awesome treasures!!!
I also love all the old vintage cards you bought! Some very sweet ones.
I rec'd 2 of your jar I just wet them and put them on the jars! No directions were included.
Deb :)

vivian said...

HI Sandy, what a fun swap! LOVE that table cloth. Makes me want to go garage saleing to see if I can find an old one! I would have loved to do that swap.. but I am sooo swapped out!
the cards are wonderful and I will have to send you an email, because I want a copy of both of your cds!
hugs to you and I hope the rest of the week goes well for you!

Terri Steffes said...

Awesome swap! How cool was that to get someone who gets you!

GardenOfDaisies said...

That is a beautiful tablecloth! My eye went straight to that!

Scrap for Joy said...

I just came across a comment you made on an old blogpost of mine where you said you had never done a swap and would like to but you were a bit intimidated. Not now you're not I bet!! Hasn't this been the most fun...well this, and all of E's tag swaps! Great treasures from Debbie...she is a kind and generous lady and I speak from experience!
Getting more excited about those CD's...they're not ready for purchase yet are they?
Hugs to you friend!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Sandy! I hope I can get one of your CDs! ♥

Dapoppins said...

I was laying in bed the other night thinking...ahhh, I should re-do my home in these cheery, cheeky colors, yellow, red, blue, white with a thouch of green on the cherry accents...I need to find some of those table clothes...

SueLovesCherries said...

Sandy, you sure got a good deal on those cards! What a beautiful tablecloth, and goodies, too! You're right - just your style!

★Carol★ said...

Your swap partner definitely knows what you like! That tablecloth is so festive, and that necklace is so cute. Amazing deal on those cards too!
Happy REDnesday!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Wow, Thanks for visiting today...I'm looking at your blog and thinking this woman has GREAT's almost the same as mine. I am trying to "tame" my collections and have put some a lot of stuff away or sold it. I collect Bauer pottery, bakelite, vintage tablecloths, have a metal top kitchen table and a Burma Shave sign1 I need to put the sign on a Rednesday post, don't I. Consider me a follower!

Nan said...

Hi Sandy. About my pup. My son pointed out that if I get a P name it will get too hard to remember which name to say. He suggested I get one entirely away from the same letters. I looked at boy fairies and found kalen which is pronounced Keelen and means warrior. Kalen is from the Celtic Ayre kennel so will have that on front of his name. Neat stuff you posted here on this swap. Nan

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Sandy, I have an award waiting for you at this link:

Shabby Anne said...

Sandy, thanks for popping by my blog. Love yours and have you on follow now.


Diann @ The Thrifty groove said...

What a fantastic swap! I am in love with that vintage tablecloth!! All of your things are just wonderful. What a fun time it must have been opening this package!! I might have to look into these swaps I keep hearing about!

Susan Freeman said...

Love your reds Sandy!!

Susan and Bentley


Love those pics! Blessings!

Into Vintage said...

Sandy - those vintage cards are a treasure! BTW - my dad lived in Parma and I grew up in Brecksville. :-)


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